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Breast reduction

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BumDiggyDiggyDiggyBumDiggyBum Sat 27-Jun-20 09:25:47

Hi all,

Had a search and couldn’t find any recent threads so thought I’d make one.

I had a consultation with a private surgeon before lockdown for a breast reduction. He was fantastic and I knew I would be going there for my procedure. They closed not long afterwards for lockdown and have recently opened back up, so I booked in for 24th July. I can’t wait!

I’m a 34jj and hoping to go down to D. My back is aching, my skin is aching, I have a hunch and get headaches from it. They also look absolutely ridiculous. NHS said no straight away and just prescribed painkillers.

I need to isolate for a week before and after surgery, and have a covid test a few days before.

Anyone who has had a reduction can you share your experience? Pain levels, recovery time etc? It’s a day case with fentanyl midazolam sedation as opposed to general anaesthetic.

Anything I need to buy for afterwards to help recovery? Any recommendations for a good post op bra?

Thanks all

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