What has happened to my toe? *photo*

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brightbluegentian Tue 23-Jun-20 20:32:58

My toe has been going weird for several weeks. It’s been a bit numb and tingly. Now it is falling apart too. See pics.

I tried speaking to my GP but they weren’t interested. (Phone consultation) As I was worried it might be diabetes. ( I am mid 40s with a bmi of 31). GP tested me for this last year and all was fine but I was concerned things might have changed. So I used the blood sugar monitor I was given to check for gestational diabetes a few years ago and my results look ok. So can anyone give me any ideas?

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bilbodog Tue 23-Jun-20 20:43:08

Looks like a fungal infection - i had similar last year. GP should prescribe an anti-fungal for it. Mine took 2/3 months to go but has been fine since.

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