Upper back pain? Something more serious or just exhaustion

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staceymarieox Sun 02-May-21 22:24:16

@RainOnMe3 thank you smile
If it gets any worse tonight I would give them a call, they are so lovely, I've called them a fair few times for myself and my little one, once it ended up being for trapped wind 🤣 definitely see what your gp says and if what they tell you doesn't help then keep pushing for second opinions! Things are so easily missed or dismissed for something minor! I did find a good bath and nights sleep helps too! Xx

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RainOnMe3 Sun 02-May-21 22:08:04

@staceymarieox thank you so much for replying. So sorry to hear about your dad thanks
I feel like I'm not in enough pain to ring 111 it's more or an uncomfortable ache and i do think my anxiety isn't helping as the more I think about it the more it seems worse, if that makes sense. I'll give GP a ring in the morning xx

staceymarieox Sun 02-May-21 21:55:48

@RainOnMe3 I'm doing a lot better now! As the baby has got older he plays on the floor and in his travel cot so not as much lifting as it was and also he's on solids now so sits in a highchair as opposed to bottle feed!

I do find now its just lower back pain when I've had a really busy day around the house and if it's a lot of heavy lifting, a few mums I've spoken to who have had an epidural day they suffer like that too sometimes and in the last year I've only worked one month so my body is not as used to things as it used to be!

I think it was stress and anxiety too, the tablets helped, I went off them but now am back on them but for depression as my father passed away in October!

I would definitely speak to a gp or out of hours service though! It puts your mind at rest and if it is anxiety that itself can ease it! If you are really worried definitely get checked out better to be safe than sorry smile xx

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RainOnMe3 Sun 02-May-21 21:48:14

@staceymarieox how you doing? I'm having similar symptoms and I'm really worried. I also suffer from anxiety so wondering if it could be that

staceymarieox Wed 24-Jun-20 08:29:25

Thanks for the replies!

I ended up going to the gp for a check over and she thought it was inflammation of the muscles around the spine and a nerve being pulled or trapped. So thankfully nothing more serious and shes also put me on some medication for anxiety as that can heighten the pain so hopefully now everything heals up! Thanks @wineandsunshine I will take a look at some stretches!

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wineandsunshine Tue 23-Jun-20 22:31:04

Have a look at YouTube stretches for upper back pain - they really did help me when I had chest pain from a muscle in my upper back - it took about two weeks x

Aquamarine1029 Tue 23-Jun-20 05:59:29

My first thought is your gallbladder.


staceymarieox Tue 23-Jun-20 05:37:14

I had a baby 8 weeks ago and over the last few weeks I've had a lot of pain in my upper back which I've put down to bad posture while feeding and picking up and holding baby, especially as hes got heavier and also as before I had the baby I was resting a lot so not used to using the muscles.

Last week I thought I felt chest pain, only slightly like a small tightening or niggle pain and then it was gone, I took partners ventolin inhaler as I used to suffer with asthma until my mid teens and it eased it slightly but kept coming back. The back pain tends to ease after paracetamol maybe leaving a small ache.

On the weekend I called 111 to ask for advice and out of hours doctor told me after an over the phone assessment that he just thinks that its muscular skeletal strain and just use painkillers.

He did ask though about any vomiting or diarrhoea, of which at that point I had had none, but since have felt a little nauseas and have had softer but not more frequent or what I'd consider diarrhoea like bowl movements.

The aches are now in my shoulders and the location of the ache on my back is behind my ribs and sort of has a burning ache if that makes sense? Like heartburn but heartburn remedies dont soothe it

I have also had very very little sleep since 2 months before the baby was born due to insomnia and general discomfort so unsure if my body is just up in the air because I'm so tired 😫 it does tend to feel better when I first wake and then progress through the day

Has anyone else had this? Or similar? I'm tempted to call doctor for a second opinion and hopefully be able to go down to be physically checked over rather than just over the phone, I'm sure its nothing more serious but at the same time wouldnt want to miss anything! I do suffer with anxiety which is of course not helping matters and my partner is due back to work in a week and in concerned about the baby if i was to collapse or something while hes at work!

Sorry for the ramble! Thanks in advance!

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