Not Sure Where To Post - Problems Post C-Section

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phoenixwings Mon 22-Jun-20 09:42:42

I had DD via C-section just over twelve weeks ago.

I had a bit of discomfort for two weeks when passing wee and told midwifes this and they said it was likely to do with my uterus shrinking and from the catheter. Every two or so days I was having urges to use the toilet. This would be followed by pains in both my sides and would sometimes be accompanied by stomach cramps too.

This hasn't went away, and for the last two weeks or so has got worse. Sometimes I find it hard to sit up as I feel pressure around my abdomen and sides. Walking also sets it off at times.

I have been examined by GP and he suspected a UTI and was prescribed antibiotics twice before getting me to do a sample. They did get me to do one eventually and they sent it to the lab for testing but it came back without a trace.

GP has since started me on medication for overactive bladder but while that has helped with the urge to go I still get discomfort when emptying my bladder and the pain is still there in both my sides and sometimes my lower abdomen.

I can't seem to make sense of this, really and I am a little bit fed up of being in pain every day without a reason.

I have remitting - relapsing MS too. I have spoken with an MS Nurse and she doesn't think it is related but the last time there was so much uncertainty it turned out I was having a relapse but not sure what to think.

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gonewiththerain Mon 22-Jun-20 09:59:07

Don’t assume or let anyone else assume it’s your MS. Ask for a referral to the appropriate specialist. Whilst the majority of c sections are problem free there are risks ( I’m having another one in a few weeks).

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