Three people with the same illness with different symptoms.

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Geekster1963 Sun 21-Jun-20 16:01:44

This last week me, DH and DD have all had a D&V type illness. DH had it first and he had diarrhoea then DD got it two days later and had vomiting, I had it a day later but wasn’t sick or had diarrhoea but I had a temperature and while I didn’t feel sick my stomach was ‘uncomfortable’.

I just find it interesting that we all reacted differently to the same illness. Also when I think about it I’ve never known DH to be sick, he tends to get diarrhoea whereas I’m sick.

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hotstepper4 Sun 21-Jun-20 22:35:52

That's pretty normal. Different viruses affect people differently. When he was 2 ds was sick once, and had a few dodgy nappies but seemed so well in himself that I put it down to teething. Then my exh had some diarrhoea, nothing much. Then I had it and was so horrendously ill I had to be put on a drip!

It's the same with coronavirus right? That's why it's scary because you just don't know how your body will react

SoloMummy Sun 21-Jun-20 23:04:11

Apparently blood groups can affect how such viruses affect us.

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