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Wisdom teeth - how do you know if it's them?

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numptysmummy Tue 25-Sep-07 09:04:59

My left jaw really hurts at the back - like i've opened my mouth too wide. No tooth ache or gum pain but getting worse,hurts to yawn,eat,shout! Could it be wisdom teeth moving down?

numptysmummy Tue 25-Sep-07 11:59:10


sandcastles Tue 25-Sep-07 12:01:55

Might be, but to be honest, sounds more like you could have been clenching/grinding in the night which will cause similar symptoms.

Pain killers as & when & if still persists/gets worse after a few days, see your dentist.

biglips Tue 25-Sep-07 12:02:07

if it behind your jaw and near towards the ear..then possibly a ear ache...but ive never heard of W teeth moving down??..only up!

biglips Tue 25-Sep-07 12:02:39

or yes same advice as Sandcastles

sandcastles Tue 25-Sep-07 12:03:54

Upper wisdom teeth move down!

numptysmummy Tue 25-Sep-07 12:05:19

Meant up - in lower jaw! Not ear ache,def jaw ache. Been all wkend.

PestoMonster Tue 25-Sep-07 12:06:34

Go & get it checked out at the dentist. They can do an x-ray to check whether wisdom teeth are becoming impacted.

biglips Tue 25-Sep-07 12:07:05

ahh right!....possibly youve been grinding your teeth together overnight.. Happens to me when im stressed - aaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!

numptysmummy Tue 25-Sep-07 12:10:42

Will make a dentist appt,thanks all smile

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