Tinnitus after wax removal - how long before it goes away?

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MehMehMeow Sun 21-Jun-20 10:31:43

I had my ears professionally cleaned this week as I’d gotten an ear ache from wax build up. My GP isn’t doing the service due to Covid so I had to go to an audiologist. It happens every 4/5 years as apparently I have narrow ear canals. I prepared for a week before with ear drops but I have to go back as the troublesome ear had older drier wax further up the canal, which they couldn’t remove. They’re hoping a second week of drops will soften it further (as it’s likely the lower wax blocked drops getting high enough to the older wax). They used suction to remove, which I understand is considered less dangerous, whereas my GP has always flushed it out. They did nick just inside my ear as there was a dot of blood which they told me during the procedure.

Since my appointment i can hear cicadas in my ears which I understand is Tinnitus, but nothing I’m able to find tells me when the Tinnitus will go away. I’ve never had it before, but it’s making me feel a little queasy. I can’t hear it over the TV, radio etc, but while I’m lying in bed with only outside noise, I can hear it.

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Mehripoop Thu 22-Oct-20 16:39:46

@MehMehMeow did it go?

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