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Vacant episode

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Pippinsqueak Sat 20-Jun-20 19:31:18

Evening all, I'm not after medical advice just a general opinion.

Say at the dinner table this evening, husband chatting away and for a few seconds I had a vacant episode. I realised I did it, never had it before, it wasn't a "drift off because my husband was talking bollocks" and since then I've developed a really bad headache.

I'm mid thirties, good health except chronic sleep deprivation.

Should I leave this as a one off or see a dr? I feel a bit silly as it's only happened once but it gave me a bit of a scare.

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namechangenumber2 Sat 20-Jun-20 19:33:17

Did your husband notice it too?

Spam88 Sat 20-Jun-20 19:39:42

I'd think it's worth talking to your GP.

FWIW, my friend used to get something similar and it was diagnosed as a fork of migraine. Bloody scary when it happened though!

Pippinsqueak Sat 20-Jun-20 20:06:16

Yeah my husband noticed it too, he said I just went and came back again

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Emptyspacex Sat 20-Jun-20 23:04:01

I'd at least keep an eye out for any other symptoms especially with a headache.

Pippinsqueak Sun 21-Jun-20 06:56:00

I stupidly googled vacant episode and now I'm worried I've had an absence seizure. I'm hoping it's a one off

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Nikki2ol6 Mon 22-Jun-20 10:02:46

Iv began having similar episodes but it seams to be when I’m on my phone but only if I’m flicking quickly down Facebook or through my pics I go into like a day dream and everything goes blurry and I’m kind of stuck but I’m kind of aware of what’s going on around me I can hear still. I don’t get headaches after it happens though, I would speak to your gp

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