What is this? Reflux, a lung problem? Ideas welcome

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InescapableDeath Sat 20-Jun-20 19:14:42

Yes, I will talk to a medical professional - I've tried before but never got anywhere as I was only describing mild symptoms; today has persuaded me I need to.

Once or twice a month, I sit down for my evening meal and as I take my first few bites, I feel a pressure rise up the back of my chest, like trapped air. It's a really weird feeling; it hurts, but I can still (sort of) breathe. It's like I have to burp to get it out. Sometimes it just passes, sometimes I end up thumping my chest a bit, or have some fizzy water. It's been a few moments of discomfort, that's all.

Today it happened again and I got the hiccups - or rather hiccupy-burps. I walked around for a bit and it wasn't shifting. It hurt a lot and I began to worry that I wasn't actually breathing properly (I could breathe in and out but it didn't feel right), and felt like I might even have to call an ambulance. Eventually I coughed/was a bit like being sick and loads of thick clear mucus came up. I had to do this three times before my chest felt normal again.

What the hell could this be? It's not mucus 'after eating' which comes up when I try to google - it's a weird pressure in my chest as soon as I start eating. Has it been mucus all along? Some kind of weird reflux?

I don't have a cough (a lot of pages come up about COPD too) and don't get breathless while exercising (not that I do loads, but I went on a two hour walk today and was fine). I'm 40, a bit overweight, don't smoke, have a couple of glasses of wine a night.

I don't think I've ever noticed it happening at breakfast/lunch/myriad snacks during the course of the day and evening. It does seem to happen a bit more often when I'm really hungry, but today I had a biscuit shortly before dinner.

I do have allergies - hayfever, animals. I think I'm dairy intolerant as well, and maybe have some issues with some other food groups. There was no dairy in tonight's meal but I did have some at lunch.

I think I've had it the last few years, ever since either I had my daughter (or went dairy free maybe). Can't be concrete.

Today was the worst ever time. I'm a bit scared now. It felt awful. Any ideas?

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InescapableDeath Sat 20-Jun-20 20:50:19

Some weird kind of asthma? (I don't suffer from asthma now as far as I know, but do have allergies and had an inhaler for getting wheezy during sports when I was a kid).

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Zeitgei5t Sun 21-Jun-20 09:47:43

The first bit sounds like gas. I get this when I try to eat after leaving it too long. I have this less a lot less often since learning that I am intolerant to gluten. Also if I'm going to eat later than usual I have a snack to reduce this.
The lung mucus if it's clear just sounds like allergies, sometimes food helps me shift things in my chest, especially after spicy food.
If you're worried though you should definitely get it checked out.

InescapableDeath Sun 21-Jun-20 09:48:50

Any ideas? I'm a bit worried a doctor will just shrug at me, as they have when I've tried to mention it before.

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