How do people deal with chronic conditions?

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QueenCT Sat 20-Jun-20 11:21:38

And work FT?
I have another UTI/kidney infection, which makes 3 in 7 months. The doctor wants me to get bloods, at the minute you have to book
So I ring all the blood clinics (6 of them) none of which do any appointments after 3pm or weekends. I've had to ring the doctors back and say I can't get them done sad
Musing over it today as just diagnosed with hashimotos too, and so I will need more bloods in future. Already take 1 day off work every 12 weeks for haematology and at the minute we can't take holiday from work (busy/post furlough etc) and holiday is banned in aug/sept and March/April
I'm also not in the position to pay for private bloods

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Theforest Sat 20-Jun-20 11:28:18

Surely you can have a hospital appointment? Thats not holiday. Just offer to make up the time.

QueenCT Sat 20-Jun-20 11:31:10

@Theforest I can but we get an hour for doctors etc. I take holiday for haematology as it can be a full day thing - have to get there an hour before appointment etc so I can be there 10-3
An hour for bloods isn't always enough as they often run 45 mins behind sad the drop in clinics I've sat for over an hour before
Took 30 mins yesterday for a phone appointment then had to take another 30 as the doctor rang me back (I work on the phone so I can't just answer, have to take time off)

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Theforest Sat 20-Jun-20 11:42:48

It is tricky isnt it -especially right now.
All I can suggest is to talk to your manager or/and HR department. They should be be able to advise what your organisation's policy is.

Justgivemesomepeace Sat 20-Jun-20 11:44:18

Have you spoken with your manager about what they can support you with, or are you assuming they won't allow this?
Most places are fine about hospital apptmts. Are you having many? You could offer to work the time back or take unpaid leave.
Chronic conditions would be covered by the Equality Act and your employer has to offer a reasonable level of support. Repeated UTI/ kidney jnfections wouldnt count but Hashimotos probably would. Is there an underlying reason you are getting so many infections? Is it linked to Hashimotos? I think a hospital apptmt every 12 weeks would be a reasonable adjustment that your employer would be expected to support. Talk to your manager or HR.

QueenCT Sat 20-Jun-20 11:50:13

@Justgivemesomepeace yes i am neutropenic - my boss is very supportive of this as I declared at interview and it can cause me to have more time off sick due to infections
The UTI thing is new, I've never had them before and so they want bloods to see if there's anything else going on please no grin
I don't mind taking the days holiday as I have always done that, it's the bloods I'm trying to figure out... I need some now, and then for the thyroid in 5 weeks. Obviously haematology can do them if it ties in with my appointment there but they are down to phone only at the minute

Can't work the time back as we can only work when we are open and I'm FT so that's out. I've messaged asking if we can book holidays in hours so I could take an hour at 8am and get bloods done then

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