How Long to Wear Arm Sling?

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Lomita277 Sat 20-Jun-20 09:06:25

Hi, Just looking for general advice here? I was playing tennis (hitting very hard with male friend) on Tuesday and I hit a forehand and felt sharp pain in the middle of my forearm. I couldn’t continue playing even though I tried for 5 minutes. Went to an urgent care, they x-rayed it. Dr said no obvious break but possible small fracture or torn tendon. They gave me a kind of arm immobilising sling to wear and made appointment for orthopaedic consultant. The thing is, do I still need to wear the sling till the appt in 9 days? When my arm is at rest the pain is minimal, when I take it off it’s ok as long as I don’t make certain movements. I find it really constricting to have on all day, Not to mention slowing me down getting things done at work and at home. I can’t seem to get in touch with the Dr in the clinic as they are very busy. What I want to know is do they intend me to keep it on as they think I could do more damage if I leave it off or is it just to keep my arm from feeling more sore if I move it too much???

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ragged Sat 20-Jun-20 09:13:23

Veteran of many a broken arm (plus DC have managed 3...) We've had slings, casts, nothing as treatment...

but am not a medical professional so those MN professionals will probably say I'm talking rubbish. I just know what we all did & found worked.

I suggest that you wear sling for comfort & support. Keeping your arm in as much normal use as feels comfortable will keep blood flow up & support the fastest healing possible. So go with what feels good. Lots of gentle low load movement is fine. Don't do things that hurt or you suspect will hurt. Pushing the boundaries in tiny ways is ok to check what the pain-free limits are.

Lomita277 Sat 20-Jun-20 17:09:15

Thanks, ragged- that sounds totally reasonable - I will try to keep it on as much as I can and then when I take it off for when I kind of need two hands at least I know exactly what movements trigger pain.

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