Walking after myoectomy

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Flobbertybillop Thu 18-Jun-20 15:48:29

I had an open myoectomy last Wednesday (similiar cut to caesarean), I was to,ld not to do much for the 2 weeks, but having looked into it, I could possibly do more.
The surgery site is healing well and is not particularly painful now, I’ve just walked 15 minutes at kind of half speed and it’s fine.
Does anyone have any advice
(And also on when I can have sex again)

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Literallyfedup Thu 18-Jun-20 16:49:08

If your surgeon has suggested you to rest for 2 weeks then do that. It does not matter how fit you feel, your body needs rest after surgery. If you don't rest then your internal cuts will get inflamed and even if they won't pain your body will start forming scar tissue. Trust me you don't want abdominal scar tissues on top of your existing problems.

IsMiseMorag Thu 18-Jun-20 16:53:04

YY - if the consultant says 2 weeks then give it 2 weeks. Even if the incision site looks OK, you can't see how quickly you're healing inside. It's a significant procedure.

Flobbertybillop Thu 18-Jun-20 17:03:40

I can’t actually remember what the surgeon said 😬, that’s the trouble

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Flobbertybillop Thu 18-Jun-20 17:22:57

I shouldn’t clarify I was told not to do too much, but a specific amount was not set.

I’ve called the Gynae ward, and they’ve said walking is good, increasing the amount and listening to my body. So, the 15 mins I did today is good

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Literallyfedup Thu 18-Jun-20 17:31:25

A typical Gynaecological surgery - cyst, fibroids, endometriosis removal requires you to rest for at least 6 weeks. You can walk but not over exert so walking on flat surfaces or inside your home is okay. You are not suppose to lift weight, anything weighing more than 10 pounds in a definite no-no. You can do light house work like cooking if you feel up to it but are not suppose to vaccum for 6 weeks at least.
These were the instructions what I got from my surgeon after I had my surgery few months before and mine was laparoscopy, you need to be more cautious with open surgeries.

IsMiseMorag Thu 18-Jun-20 18:05:27

Short walks are fine, but I was told to follow guidelines for a C-section - so no lifting, no strenuous exercise, no driving, no sex for 6-8 weeks.

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