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fingernails coming off from the cuticle - 19 months old

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Nyx Mon 24-Sep-07 16:23:04

Hello there. I've been browsing Mumsnet since before dd was born, and this is my very first message - everything I have ever needed to know before was already here! So...I've noticed that her nails (both thumbs and one index finger) are actually coming off from the cuticle. It doesn't seem to bother her, yesterday she said "mummy bite it" (as that's how I used to cut her nails!) and that's how I noticed it has got so bad! I have no idea how it started - perhaps she's bashed her hands against something, but both? Or perhaps a fungal thing, but there's no sign of one (apart from the nails coming away!) Anyway, has anyone had any experience of this and should I do anything? Doctor's surgery is closed today but I may take her through the week as it just makes me shiver to look at her wee fingernails. I'm thinking they might just fall off - I assume she'd grow new ones? please if you have any ideas!

belgo Mon 24-Sep-07 16:28:14

Welcome to mumsnet! Sorry don't have any advice regarding the fingernails except to ask how has she been recently?

Definitely something for the doctor to look at.

Nyx Mon 24-Sep-07 16:40:51

Thanks for answering! She's been feeling fine and dandy - just her usual self - except that today she's started a cough/cold; She seems fine (thankfully!)

Cheers - I'll take her to the surgery.

Nyx Tue 25-Sep-07 15:48:07

Me again. We have a doctor's appt for Friday but thought I would bump this quickly in case anyone else has any info - thanks again!

SpacePuppy Tue 25-Sep-07 15:52:34


do you mean peeling on the nail bed or the cuticle tearing?

ds sucks his thumb and that nail is constantly flaking. He also plays outdoors a lot and as a result his cuticles dries out from the wet and soil etc. I bought a tiny tub of almond oil nail and cuticle balm from Body shop, expensive about £6 for a tiny pot, however, I rub that in and it helps! But if your dd's nails looks infected you must have it checked out a it could result in her loosing those nails.

Nyx Tue 25-Sep-07 18:37:44

Hello SpacePuppy,

It doesn't look as if it's been torn - just as if the whole nail is lifting/peeling from the nail bed, from the cuticle downwards. She doesn't suck her thumb - and other nails are affected too - so I'm a bit stuck. It's only since she's noticed it herself that she's started chewing at it - just now and then - which I am trying to discourage! Hopefully the doctor can help us on Friday. I'm stressing about vitamin deficiencies or something but her diet is not too bad; plenty of fruit/veg, not so much meat but she does eat some. She doesn't drink much milk but has loads on her breakfast porridge/wheatabix and loves yoghurts/fromage frais so I was hoping she was getting enough that way. It's worrying - I would hate to see her wee nails damaged - at least it's not hurting her.

Thanks for the reply

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Tue 25-Sep-07 18:45:58

This happened to my DD2 when she was crawling - DH stepped backwards onto her hand <wince>.

About a week later her index finger nail was loose and was just attached on one side. Then it fell off. It grew back INCREDIBLY fast - within a couple of weeks. DD2 didn't make any fuss about it at all and there is no visible lasting damage.

Hope that helps, but a visit to GP would be useful.

And now you've posted once, I expect to see you more often! grin

Nyx Tue 25-Sep-07 23:25:43

Thanks Duchess - I hope dd's nails grow in without any damage (I think these ones must be going to fall off at some point - I just hope it doesn't hurt her) - good to know your dd didn't have any discomfort apart from the initial stepping-on!

As for posting again, I'm sure I will, but the problem is that I spend so long browsing it's way past bedtime before I get round to thinking of something to post LOL!

pinkbubble Tue 25-Sep-07 23:30:36

A friend of mine has something that sounds similar.

Its like sciriasis(sp)sound it how I spelt it( sorry I work with yr 1 children!!!blush) She is allergic to washingup liquid! Obviously your DD is not allergic to that but it could be something similar. And it only affects certain fingers.

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