Pickles Ointment for calluses

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RubyTrees Wed 17-Jun-20 21:13:38

I have a painful callus on the ball of each foot, about 10p-sized, usually taken care of by a podiatrist every 2 months but my last appointment was cancelled due to lockdown and I’ve been hobbling around ever since.

I’ve found several old threads here where posters have recommended Pickles Ointment - having ordered some and following the instructions (“apply for 4 nights, then bathe the area allowing it to peel”), I was really disappointed to see that nothing happened.

(My interpretation of “bathe the area” was to soak my feet for 20 minutes and rub the callus with a podiatrist-supplied foot file.)

I wasn’t expecting miracles - just something to show that it had some effect - but not even a tiny bit of skin came off. I realise that it probably needs several cycles to make a difference but I couldn’t understand why it didn’t do anything at all.

If there’s anyone who’s had success with this product, please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks smile

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MrsSparklyLady Fri 19-Jun-20 15:22:58

Just keep applying it. My 20 yr old son had very bad warts on his hands last year and had cryogenic therapy for them along with the Pickles ointment. Long after the cryogenic therapy ended , which successfully removed half the warts, he continued with the pickles ointment, just applying it at night , he didn't bother bathing them and it was weeks later that the remaining warts suddenly started to peel away. They are all gone now, so I would say carry on with it and give it a few weeks. Good luck smile

RubyTrees Fri 19-Jun-20 21:37:20

Thanks @MrsSparklyLady.

Coincidentally, my podiatrist's office called today to say they're re-opening so I'll have happy feet very soon!

It's good to know that Pickles ointment does work though - I'll remember your advice for future reference smile

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