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Have spots on my tonsils am I mad not to go to gp as going away for a few days?

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Blossomhill Mon 24-Sep-07 15:49:57

Going away for a few days but suddenly overnight got a sore throat and cold.
Will it go on it's own, or am I completely mad?

dustystar Mon 24-Sep-07 15:53:05

I think you should go to your GP - spots mean infection.

rosierooster Mon 24-Sep-07 15:53:20

tyrozettes soothing and contain antibiotic and you can get them over the counter. It will go. I would only go to the gp if I was acutely unwell ie, weak fever and it had been more than a couple of days.

rosierooster Mon 24-Sep-07 15:53:21

tyrozettes soothing and contain antibiotic and you can get them over the counter. It will go. I would only go to the gp if I was acutely unwell ie, weak fever and it had been more than a couple of days.

loopylou6 Mon 24-Sep-07 16:04:12

i would deffo go, like someone just said, spots indicate infection, and u dont want to risk becoming really ill with tonsillitus, especially if your going away, u may as well go and see the doc and let him decide if antibiotics are needed

newlifenewname Mon 24-Sep-07 16:05:46

I had this over weekend and phoned out of hours and asked if okay to take some Erythromycin I had in cupboard and she said yes. I'm feeling better now but was exactly same as you on Saturday. She said not to leave until Monday due to spots.

lucyellensmum Mon 24-Sep-07 17:05:06

NLNN i am a bit shock and equally appalled with your out of hours advisor. OMG! IT is this sort of advice that results in antibiotic resistence problems. For one thing, if you have ABs in your cupboard, it means you have not completed a previous course and taking a few ABs is just asking for trouble. I think your out of hours was copping out of hours and avoiding a visit to get a script for new lot of ABs if necc. Bloody disgusting, i would complain.

I had this, felt ok, phoned my doctor, explained, she said avoid ABs unless i feel like shit, felt like shit a few days later, needed ABs, took them felt better. I agree totally with rosie rooster, best to try and self treat if you can, it is only if you feel feverish and really bad should you bother with ABs. Most likely your throat is viral in origin and will not respond to ABs anyway.

newlifenewname Mon 24-Sep-07 17:07:00

Should add that I have history of Quinsy and turned down offer to go in. I had Erythromycin because it was left over from when I switched antibiotic type through a course because Erythromycin was making me sick so I did take a full course. Totally get what you are saying and agree with you about AB resistance, etc.

lucyellensmum Mon 24-Sep-07 17:08:52

BH, didnt realise you were off on your jollies, maybe you could go to the doc and explain, he/she may prescribe some antibiotics and leave it down to you to see if you need them. My doctor did that with my dd over a weekend once, as it went, she didnt need them.

I would suggest, lots of fluids, rest (yeah i know, funny ha ha) and some vitamins meantime. Stock up on your favourite cold remedy and i hope it goes in time for you to have a great time . Isnt it always the blardy way angry

lucyellensmum Mon 24-Sep-07 17:16:05

NLNN, i can see where you are coming from, but blimey, they even told you to take the stuff they knew wasn't suitable, or at least they should have done. It smacks of incompetence if you ask me. I have very little sympathy re out of hours, i once had to speak to five different people on the phone to get my dd an appointment because i was worried re a post fever rash. I was pretty sure it wasn't meningitis but i am not a doctor, the doctor doesnt have x-ray vision and cannot see down the phone and i was not prepared to risk it. It was only when i said to the nurse on the fourth call back, "look, if you wont see her i am taking her to A&E which i dont really feel is necessary" that i got to speak to a doctor who, after my description, felt the same way i did, it was probably absolutely fine but should be looked at never the less. Yes, it was fine, so i wasted two minutes of the doctors time, so what. I have had absolute nightmares trying to get to talk to anyone of any use on these things and can understand why worried parents are pitching up at A&E and minor injury units with things that could be treated at home. I know of course it is a question of resources, but sometimes you feel these phone lines are being manned by rotweillers with grudges.

Sorry, total thread hijack, rant over

pigsinmud Mon 24-Sep-07 18:43:09

Personally I wouldn't go unless I was feeling particularly unwell and had been suffering for a few days. I had tonsillitis 18 times as a child, so I know how bad it can be!

Ds2 frequently has spots on his tonsils when he has a really bad throat, howver I've never taken him to GP as his body manages to get rid of the infection by itself.

Blossomhill Mon 24-Sep-07 20:40:56

Thanks ladies. Have been (after waiting over an hour in waiting room angry}) and gp said my tonsils were in a bit of a state and that I had tonsillitus. So have ab's and taking them as my sinuses are playing me up too!

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