Cardioversion - anyone had it?

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Tuesdaygoldbear Tue 16-Jun-20 18:53:38

Our elderly father has very swollen, painful legs and has been recommended a cardioversion to get the fluid pumped back up to his heart. Of course they are not doing this now but he's really suffering. His legs get swollen, red and now itchy and nothing seems to help.

Has anyone had experience of this or have their parents?

Thanks for any suggestions/experiences.

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ErrolTheDragon Tue 16-Jun-20 23:19:01

I assume your DF has some form of arrhythmia which is making his heart inefficient and causing his problems?

DH had cardioversion last year, to correct atrial flutter. He has occasional episodes of atrial fibrillation but the flutter was continuous. As far as I can remember it was pretty straightforward and no problems afterwards. (He also had an ablation to reduce the chances of going into atrial flutter again).

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