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c1JSU Tue 16-Jun-20 13:35:37

My daughter (5) has several warts on her pinky. Two are very small so we can ignore them for now, but one just above her knuckle is very large. She has caught it a few times and it has bled. We’ve been trying Bazuka but she says it stings so badly and it genuinely does make her cry, that we have to then soak her finger in cold water to stop the pain! Are there any other remedies we can try or am I going to have to persist with this? We will go to the GP but with COVID and this not exactly being serious, it won’t be immediate.

I have just seen a freeze spray from Boots but I’d guess that would be equally as painful.

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emmathedilemma Tue 16-Jun-20 16:12:39

I had one on the top fold of a finger and it kept splitting open so sounds a bit like hers. I tried all the over the counter remedies but none worked and they couldn't be used on open skin so i never managed to use them for more than a few days before it split again. The GP froze mine and thankfully it went away. i think they're reluctant to treat them as they say the stuff from Boots should work but given where it was that didn't. I've never tried but i've read that taping them with Duct tape can work....

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