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Itsgottobethisone Tue 16-Jun-20 07:39:32

I only use this board for parenting as I have 4 children so apologies is there’s a better one I could use....

My 4 year old has been suffering with headaches. It started In October where for around a week he got them every day and was waking up being sick - I took him to the doctors who said that it sounds like a bug and if they hadn’t gone in 2 weeks to call back. Headaches disappeared. Then in Feb time he started getting them again but they didn’t make him sick every time. But he’d cry out in pain. I called the doctor and this time a different doctor suggested he might be making it up as he wasn’t being sick and 4 is about the age this happens plus I’m pregnant and have been suffering with headaches each morning so he’s heard me say. I thought okay, it’s possible so just kept an eye on him. Later in April I called the doctor again as he’d been sick with the headaches again. This doctor said to keep an eye on him and if they didn’t improve in a few days to call back but they’d rather not see him because of the pandemic. No mention of regular headaches afterwards but has woken a few times with headaches that haven’t made him sick. Today he’s being sick again and crying because he had a headache. I’ll call the doctor as soon as it opens but how do I make the doctor take notice. He’s not stressed, he doesn’t have a temperature, in fact the list they read out is all no he doesn’t get that etc... but He’s not a sickly child and never moans about anything. The first thing he does is say he needs to drink more - he doesn’t but it’s what I say when any of the others say they have a headache. I know he drinks plenty throughout the day. I just want to help him but doctors don’t seem to think it’s anything major. He isn’t sick if he hurts himself and he’s accident prone so has had some painful bumps (cracked his head open at nursery, split his nose open bouncing on a bed at home etc.... so if it is pain making him sick it must be awful for him. Poor boy 😢

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SoloMummy Tue 16-Jun-20 07:45:54

Sounds like migraine tbh.
I'd make a diary record of all to date. Make a gp appointment and say you want some appropriate interim treatment and a referral.

MichaelMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 16-Jun-20 12:19:27

[Just dropping by to say we've moved this to the General health area.]

Literallyfedup Tue 16-Jun-20 15:01:37

Make a note as to when the headaches occur. If he gets up in the morning with a headache then it could be sinus congestion. Here are a few question to ask - ask him where it hurts the most, if he points to nose, nose bridge , cheeks, eye lids, half side of head then it is probably a sinus headache. A sinus congestion is initially caused by virus or bacterial infection. Some people get it so bad that they do throw up.
Kids do make stuff up but if he has congested sinuses then he must be really suffering. Do a warm compress of his face next time he complains.

Itsgottobethisone Tue 16-Jun-20 21:44:37

Thank you. The doctor was the same one I’ve spoken to before so he told us to head straight to the hospital. They did a thorough check and he saw an eye specialist too. They’ve booked him in to see a consultant and for an mri just to cover all bases. They think it may be because he eats dinner at 4.30 then goes to bed at 6pm and wakes at 7/7.30am so he doesn’t eat for a long time. Suggested I give him milk as soon as he wakes to see if that helps. Oh and to keep a diary until we see the consultant smile

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