So fed up with the mirena..

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bootothemirena Mon 15-Jun-20 18:34:58

I have always had very heavy periods, but since having my last child in 2017 they were ridiculously heavy. I'm talking can't leave the house for 3 days, flooding, numerous changes of bedding, trousers etc.

So I got referred and had hysterocopy. 2 small fibroids were found but nothing else of note. So the mirena was recommended.

So I had the mirena coil fitted in May 2019. I was really happy for the first 4 months. Then the heavy periods started again.

GP put me on progesterone with no joy.

Then I was put on transexamic acid with no joy.

GP says the coil is in the right place. So I was referred for an ultrasound.

Then Covid hit so it got cancelled, and currently waiting to hear when it will be re-arranged.

Today I have had to change 3 times and shower twice. Double protection with tampon and towels together. It's ridiculous. I just want to cry.

The mirena isn't helping. The progesterone isn't helping. The acid isn't helping. I know an ablation may help, but I'm very emotional about the thought of that. I'm done having children, but I'm struggling with the idea of being forcibly done if that makes sense? Also, it will be months before anything like that gets offered now, with the NHS having to prioritise, which I get and understand.

Just want to cry.

Thanks for listening. I just needed to rant. Made me feel better writing it down.

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Chevron17 Mon 15-Jun-20 19:38:14

Sounds awful OP.
Have you considered something like a mooncup? (I have no idea of their capacity) Maternity pads? I know it’s not a solution but it might help in the meantime.

Literallyfedup Mon 15-Jun-20 22:50:02

Mirena website says that once you start having light periods and then go back to having heavy periods then it is a sign of mirena misplacement. How did your GP check for mirena? Did your GP examined you?
Fibroids are notorious and I have heard a lot of cases in which mirena was pushed out of place by a fibroid.
I am sorry for you and can understand your situation but have you tried ibuprofen to control your period, personally I find it better than mefanimic acid and progesterone pills. You can go up to the maximum dose for the pay but usually 2-3 caplets are enough in a day. I take nurofen fast acting once. I once went through a whole packet of good night sanitary napkins in 2 hours. My Gynaecologist advised me to take ibuprofen and it worked well. I was also on norethindrone and it wasn't helping. Sometimes it is not your hormones that are creating issue but postglandins and ibuprofen helps.

Whathewhatnow Mon 15-Jun-20 22:58:37

What literally says. I find ibuprofen can massively lighten my horrendous periods.

Having said that I do think there is a high chance your mirena has become misplaced if all eas good for 4 months. Just doesn't make sense...

emmathedilemma Tue 16-Jun-20 10:46:37

You have my absolute sympathy, I could have written this post! Mirena fitted to treat heavy bleeding caused by fibroids but it didn't really work, was still taking TA, tried the pill etc etc.....I had a seriously heavy bleed, so bad that I ended up phoning the NHS24 line in the early hours of the morning and they sent me to A&E to get checked over. I was passing huge clots and bleeding that bad I had to call them from sitting on the toilet!! A&E didn't really do much except check my blood pressure etc and sent me home as i already had a referal in with gynae. After that I ended up going private (lucky to have medical cover through work) and had my fibroids treated with Uterine Artery Embolization a few months which "touch wood" seems to have worked well.
When I went to see the consultant further investigations confirmed that my mirena had come out, presumably during that mega bleed. Now A&E never mentioned this as a possibility so if you're using it for contraception I would check for the strings once this episode has eased!
Hang on in there and keep pushing your GP for a referral to gynae.

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