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Running ankle injury

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duckduckgosling Mon 15-Jun-20 09:34:48

Not sure if this is the right place to post but just wondered if anyone had had any previous ankle injuries & could offer any advice.

I'm presuming I must have twisted my ankle when running (although I can't remember doing it, I just recall it hurting on the cool down walk)

This was 5 day ago, no swelling or bruising at all, doesn't hurt to touch and I can walk but it hurts and it really hurts if I bear weight on just that ankle, i keep having shooting pains from my ankle to my knee and sometimes when I'm just sitting. I get a sharp pain in my ankle / my knee.

I've only just managed my 2nd 5k after completing C25k last week so I am really annoyed that this is now holding me back.

Any advice appreciated!


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Mnthrowaway20202 Mon 15-Jun-20 09:38:25

Follow rice (rest, ice, compression, elevation)

I don’t think you’ve given it enough time to recover just yet

acocadochocolate Mon 15-Jun-20 18:39:09

I would see GP and ask for an X-ray in case it is a stress fracture. It is the shooting pains that made me think of it. Good luck.

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