Ear Infection

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holliem91 Sun 14-Jun-20 19:15:22

Hey everyone! I'm new here and I am hoping someone can help me as I'm worrying quite a lot right now...

Sorry it's long but I'm hoping someone will be kind enough to take the time and read😔

So last Sunday (7th June) I developed a sore ear, it was nothing major, could only really tell that my ear hurt when I put pressure on it, like when I would lie on it to go to sleep at night. Anyway, Thursday morning (11th June) I woke up and felt that my Preauricular lymph node had become enlarged and that my ear was causing me quite a lot of discomfort now. I rang my GP and she diagnosed me over the phone with an ear infection. She prescribed me with antibiotics (Amoxicillin 500mg X3 a day for 5 days) which I have been taking. However, my symptoms have gotten a lot worse. Yesterday, it was that bad I unable to eat, it feels like it has spread to my jaw, I don't know if it has, I think it's just that painful that it feels like it has spread, although I am unable to bite down or open my mouth to even eat properly due to the pain. Even talking is excruciating. I rang 111 yesterday because it got that bad and no painkillers were helping anymore, I got passed around from person to person, had to wait hours for anyone to call me back, I appreciate they're busy and that they have to follow certain protocols but being in that much pain I was just so frustrated with everything and just wanted help. I finally managed to talk with a doctor at 2AM who basically told me that all this was normal and to keep taking my antibiotics. I couldn't help but feel as though I was just being fobbed off. I had some Codeine in my cupboard from when I was in labour so I've been taking that along side Ibuprofen, which is definitely helping but even that doesn't take the pain away completely (the GP I spoke to said this was ok). I woke up today, with yet again, worsening symptoms so I rang 111 again, managed to speak to a GP a lot sooner, he told me it sounds like mumps, now, I'm not a doctor myself but I'm 99.9% it is not mumps! I know with Coronavirus they don't want to see people if they can avoid it but I'm just really panicking as a quick google search tells you that if an ear infection goes untreated it can lead to serious complications such as Meningitis or Mastoiditis. I know, I shouldn't google but I've been looking for solutions myself. I know that the pain is not dental related, again, I am 99.9% sure as I work in the dental profession myself and I know the pain is not inside my mouth. I'm desperate for someone to see me as this pain is unbearable and I have a newborn baby to take care of!

My GP is open tomorrow and I plan on ringing them ASAP but I just need reassurance/advice. Has anyone experienced or been through something similar before? Why are my antibiotics not working if it is an ear infection? It's all good and well the doctor telling me this is normal but I'm due to finish my antibiotics course tomorrow and I still have no improvement whatsoever!

I just feel like I will have this pain forever😭

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holliem91 Sun 14-Jun-20 20:32:47

Bumping this because I'm that desperateblush

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Buttons4me Mon 15-Jun-20 06:54:28

I hope you manage to get through to a more helpful GP this morning. Ear infections are awful and can be severe. I needed iv antibiotics and was in hospital for 5 nights it was that bad. I hope you feel better soon.

holliem91 Mon 15-Jun-20 08:10:26

Thank you for your response!

I have just contacted them, I am now on a triage list waiting for someone to call me back. My GP is normally quite good so I do have faith. I just want this to be over and most importantly I want to be a mum to my baby again😭

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Buttons4me Mon 15-Jun-20 08:15:59

I hope your Gp helps. Some people say its just an ear infection, but mine was so bad they kept me in hospital for 5 nights. Hope you get some help and feel better soon.

holliem91 Mon 15-Jun-20 13:38:22

So my GP rang me back and asked me to go in for 11am. I went down, he seen me and told me I have an outer ear infection which is why my antibiotics haven't worked. He prescribed me with ear drops which were out of stock when I tried to get them at my pharmacy😭😭😭. I've rang round all local pharmacy's and it seems there's a major shortage of these particular drops. I rang the surgery back to let them know and they have said they're going to ask the GP to prescribe me an alternative, I have been waiting hours and still not heard back. Hopefully I will have something soon.

Wow, 5 nights of being in hospital. Sounds awful. To be honest, with the pain I am currently experiencing - I deeply sympathise and I have seriously considered going to A&E a couple of times as the pain is that bad. It didn't help that I was suffering over the weekend so no where was open and my only hope was 111 who were useless.

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underneaththeash Mon 15-Jun-20 15:47:14

DS has had something similar - a couple of weeks ago. We had amoxicillin/flucloxicilin, then a steroid/antibiotic drop combo. Nothing worked and he didn’t sleep for a few days. Same odd jaw swelling too.
We eventually went to the paed ward via the GP and they referred Us to ENT who said the drops couldn’t penetrate the ear as there was too much pus in the way. They suctioned it all out and then inserted a gauze which was impregnated with anti-biotics and steroids and we we given. Cilodex drops. It had to be cleaned out a couple more times before any improvement.

It obviously may not be the same infection, but if you’re not having any improvement you need an urgent ENT referral.


holliem91 Mon 15-Jun-20 16:27:24

@underneaththeash wow that sounds so similar to what I'm currently experiencing. I've been given Gentamicin drops today and funnily enough, the first time I put them in my ear earlier, it took ages for them to actually go down down my ear! They did eventually though. Did the same happen with your DS? Or would the ear drops not stay in at all? I'll definitely keep an eye on this. I'm seriously praying it isn't the same thing though as I think if I have to cope with this pain much longer I'll consider chopping my own ear off🥴

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holliem91 Mon 15-Jun-20 16:28:58

Also to add, how do children deal with this pain! I'm struggling as an adult. These poor children who seem to suffer them much more than adults😔

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