Diagnosed with epilepsy aged 35!

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2coffeesinbed Sun 14-Jun-20 09:05:56


I’ve just been diagnosed with epilepsy after a year of funny turns. I’ve never had a full seizure thankfully! But I’m finding the entire thing really worrying.

Has anyone else been diagnosed with epilepsy as an adult? How did it effect your life?

My house is very small and my kitchen is very tiny. And I’m worried about having a funny turn and injuring my head on the hob while cooking. I’m tempted to move house for safety. Is that ridiculous?

I can’t drive anyway so that’s not a problem.

Does it effect working and finding new jobs?

I think I need a handhold from someone who has experienced similar smile

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SprackPack Sun 14-Jun-20 09:20:00


I was diagnosed a few years ago after a few funny turns and then finally one grand mal. Was scanned in many ways and nothing was found but was assumed as epilepsy and I was put on medication. Have had nothing since, and have not taken my medication for about a year (although this was my choice, I haven't told my doctor).

The year without my licence was difficult but I was entitled to a free travel pass luckily.

Haven't changed jobs although my company have been very supportive and do regular risk assessments too.

Do you live alone? Are you now taking medication, and have the funny turns stopped now?

2coffeesinbed Sun 14-Jun-20 09:37:34

@SprackPack thank you so much for replying.

Yes I’ve had had several scans and things and nothing was found but I suffer from another neurological condition and they’re wondering if it’s linked. Not on new meds just yet - have to wait until Wednesday.

Appointments and consultations have all gone a bit crazy since Coronavirus basically shut the hospital down.

I have a DH (who is really supportive!) and my DC. DC haven’t witnessed any “funny turns” or me falling over yet as they’re worriers.

I don’t have a job at the moment (I left my job due to being very ill last Summer) and was just about to embark on job hunting when Coronavirus kicked off.

We can’t move house unless I work so the pressure is on. I had a funny turn in the kitchen and my DH caught me - otherwise I would have fallen into the kitchen door, the kitchen bin and the hot cooker (my kitchen really is absolutely minuscule!)

Do the meds have crazy side effects? I know they’re all different and effect people differently but I’m just interested.

Is epilepsy classed as a disability? (For equal opportunities reasons).

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