Sprained ankle, what should I do

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SodOffCovid Sat 13-Jun-20 21:30:56

I've fallen this afternoon on a hole in some grass 😠 and rolled in my ankle. It hurts like hell basically from about four inches above my ankle down to my baby toes. The ankle is swollen, and bruised to the point that I cannot touch it, even very gently. I've just taken ibuprofen which has taken the edge off but it is still extremely painful. I havent seen a doctor as I'm bfeeding a four month old so don't fancy a trip to a and e, I just can't work out then logistics. What can I do to help it? I also have a two year old so I'm absolutely dreading tomorrow 😬

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chocolateequinox Sat 13-Jun-20 21:33:37

Rice - rest, ice, compression, elevation

You can put ice on it for 20 minutes or so every two to three hours but not direct onto your skin. Use a compression bandage if you have one or can get one. Put it up on a pillow or cushion.

chocolateequinox Sat 13-Jun-20 21:34:47

That said, when I've sprained my ankle in the past it was painful to touch and was swollen but perhaps not as much as you describe. A x ray might be advisable.

toebeans2 Sat 13-Jun-20 21:35:59

It will hurt for the next few days, but after a day or two you have to start walking on it, however painful it is. I've been there and was told this is vital for quick and easy recovery.

sahbear Sat 13-Jun-20 21:57:40

I think you need an xray. Is there a minor injuries unit, rather than a and e? Might be easier. If it's sprained you need to use it, but it could be fractured.

blossomsarepretty Sun 14-Jun-20 15:44:10

@SodOffCovid How are you getting on? Is the pain any better?
I'm in the same situation, sprained my ankle this morning whilst jogging. Hurts like hell, and also incredibly reluctant to get it checked for obvious reasons.

Moondust001 Sun 14-Jun-20 15:52:23

Hmm. As someone who should know better, I walked on a sprained ankle for a month. It was broken. But it couldn't have been because obviously nobody could walk, for a month, on a broken ankle. Stupid X-ray machine must have been broken.

In other words, if it is that painful, and/or if it doesn't respond to RICE, go to A&E or a walk in centre (or your GP if you are lucky enough to have a practice who can do small area x-rays like this). Don't make assumptions that a sprain is a sprain. If you are fit and healthy otherwise, a visit to A&E won't put you at risk. Walking around on a broken ankle will though. As I know to my cost.


Chesneyhawkes1 Sun 14-Jun-20 15:56:08

Mine took about 6 weeks for the bruising and swelling to go completely. I didn't get an X-ray as I could weight bear.

Google said not to rice and if possible to use it gently. Some new thing like MICE. I did ice it and use a compression bandage though.

It was very painful to touch for the first week and if I pressed a certain area for a good 4 weeks.

SodOffCovid Sun 14-Jun-20 18:33:29

Hi all, well this morning I woke up and it seemed to have gone down abit. As the day has gone on, despite resting it as much as I can it is now massive again. Very tender to touch, however the throbbing pain has pretty much gone. So I'm kind of assuming that it's just a sprain, and maybe the swelling will go down in the next few days? I just don't think it can be broken now if the constant pain has gone?

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blossomsarepretty Sun 14-Jun-20 19:38:03

@SodOffCovid can you put any weight on it? DH bandaged mine and after taking some painkillers I have tried to walk/hop around the kitchen using a crutch (DH was given one years ago), and I actually cried at first, it hurt so much. But after a while it felt a bit better/less painful.

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