13 month jabs during covid

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HJ82 Sat 13-Jun-20 10:21:32

Who has avoided GP? DD due vaccinations and I know many have held off.. more worried about delayed fevers/ rash etc and needing medical help during this pandemic... if she has a Febrile conv, For example.

But also worried about virus catching at GP obviously. Delaying shots will put her at risk of these illnesses, Or not really, given there is no contact with others? Thoughts?

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LolaLollypop Sat 13-Jun-20 10:23:50

My newborn has had all his jabs so far. The risk of them not being immunized is far greater than them catching Covid. Our surgery is operating a 1 in 1 out system. You can't just walk in, someone has to unlock the door and let you in. Nurse was in full PPE. It felt very safe. Just treat with Calpol as a precaution for fever etc afterwards.

SockQueen Sat 13-Jun-20 19:46:01

In my region, the routine imms have all been centralised so we have an appointment for ours (DS2's 1 year ones) at a local school that is currently closed. So no other patients except kids getting jabs there. We're getting his done in 10 days.

tootiredtospeak Sat 13-Jun-20 19:55:39

I had my daughers pre school one at the docs at the height in April. Nurse wore PPE we had to wear masks and wait in the car until it was our turn. Bit freaky for her as she is older but risk wise all fine

cptartapp Sat 13-Jun-20 19:59:58

I'm a practice nurse that has been vaccinating throughout. It is one of the few things guidance states must still be offered.
I would strongly advise you get them done now. There's hardly anyone in the surgery to catch the virus from! All staff wear ppe.
I predict a huge huge backlog of work when all this dies down, with staff having lots of annual leave still left to take. You may have a lengthy wait to be seen in a few months if you postpone now.

EcoCustard Sat 13-Jun-20 20:00:37

My 13 month old had his jabs the first week of May at the GP surgery. I felt the risk of not having them was greater, wasn’t too concerned about him catching it either. The nurse doing his jabs called prior to us coming to discuss risk, possible temperatures etc and explained how it would be different. Checked in with reception through the window on arrival and asked to wait for nurse to come and fetch us. I had to wear a mask. She came out in PPE ( she said she would) took our temperature and then took us through to the surgery. All was fine, told to call if he experienced any temperature etc. Gave him some Calpol that night as he was a little grumpy and mild temperature but all was fine.

HJ82 Sat 13-Jun-20 21:41:44

@cptartapp we are actually in aus and I booked to have them here as no covid. But we are flying home 10 days later and I'm to worried about fever on plane. She gets 40 temps with most colds and her last imms, which were less severe than these ones. So I think I'm just worried the mmr will make her very unwell. Been waiting since Feb to return and although it's safer here, we must come back. So now faced with this decision to delay imms until I feel it's safe in Uk. If she has some bad fever and convulsions then I'm afraid no ambulance will be available for her because of all the emergencies with people dying all over the city.

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LolaLollypop Sun 14-Jun-20 08:56:44

@hj82 the infection rate in the UK is reducing every day. We are well past our peak with "people dying all over the place". Even at the peak they would have sent an ambulance to a baby. There will be no problem getting one if you need it now.

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