Advice - can’t bend broken toe after 8 weeks

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16943389ao Fri 12-Jun-20 18:25:48

I broke my middle toe 8.5 weeks ago and it’s been a lengthy recovery. Around the 6 week mark I finally got back to the point where I could walk with my foot flat again and felt like it was finally getting better. However I’m now at the 8.5 week mark and while it’s generally not painful it’s been aching after my first short walk around the block and I still can’t bend it like my other toes, it stays pretty straight when I try to bend it. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and found that their toe has fully recovered? I really thought it would be better by now. If it’s not better soon I’ll speak to the doctor but I don’t want to bother them yet and am not keen to go for an x ray at present either as it’s not urgent. Any experiences or advice very welcome thanks

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