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Home with children and husband

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lorza03 Fri 12-Jun-20 16:44:00

Not sure I’f this is the right thread - but here we go I am a mum of 3 children under 5. I am 30 yrs and my husband is 46 yrs
My husband pays for most for the out goings but I pay for nursery fees which average around 350 pcm,
We have a little bit of cash we keep in the kitchen just in case we need it
I woke up early a few mornings ago to £20 to get some bits from the co op and walked with my son.
Change in pushchair .
Later on that day my husband had his dogs hair cut and nipped in for the £20 I said sorry I broke into the 20 this morning for a few bits.
He went crazy called me Names said threating words did not speak 3 days is still not speaking ! He said I robbed him it’s his money. For me I feel saddened and hurt that I was spoken to this way . I feel there was no value in anyway.
It’s not the first time he has used this approach. We have been together 6 years married for 2.
This time I have real doubt in my mind as to wether I want to stay in my marriage I feel it will happen again and do I want to be spoken to like this for all my married life feeling upset for days and then forgiving this person over and over .
I know do you ever really know what’s best. But I feel unsure what or where to go from here . I’m nervous to speak when we do speak or wether what I’ll have to say will be heard and not pushed to the side once again.
I’m nervous as I am a widow and then this time would be a failed marriage .
What do you guys think or do you have any helpful advise for me ?

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Footle Fri 12-Jun-20 20:10:12

OP, email Mumsnet HQ and ask them to move your post to the Relationships board. It's on General Health at the moment. I hope you get some helpful replies. That man sounds pretty grim.

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