Petechiae with normal blood works, should I be worried?

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Mrworrier91 Fri 12-Jun-20 14:07:16

Way back March 2019, I started noticing a non raised single "red dot" that appear like blood spot on my arm. I tried to research it and mr. Google showed that it is a petechiae, i tried to double check if it was petechie by pressing it using drinking glass, and it do not go pale or white. After doing those i searched again and google says that petechiae is a symptom of "leukemia" which immedietly scared the hell out of me. My health anxiety immedietly jumps from 1 to 100. When I am having a check up with my gp, I said that i am having anxiety about anemia, and other blood problems. She requested a CBC, and other blood works, urinalysis. My Blood works were all in good and normal numbers. But I've noticed after my blood drawn, there is a single petechiae appeared on my upper right arm. My gp said that my blood tests are normal, urinalysis is normal. I'd also ask my 2nd gp if the results are fine and he said it's fine. I've had episodes of single dot petechiae in the past months. I am worried about "leukemia" it scares the hell out of me because petechiae is connected to leukemia. I can't remove my worry about petechiae because of it is connected to leukaemia.

I would like to ask for advice about my situation. Thank you in advance

Ps. I am still young (below 22 y/o) and i am so worried about it...please give some advice :<

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Mrworrier91 Fri 12-Jun-20 14:11:26

Ps. I am well, and have no other symptoms except for petechiae. I am generally feeling well, no pallor or malaise.

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iVampire Fri 12-Jun-20 14:30:28

A single petechia is really unlikely to be leukaemia. Unusual bleeding, including petechiae, can be. It is one of the collection of (non-specific) symptoms which can indicate leukaemia

A full blood count rules out leukaemia when the results are normal

I’m not a medic, but I have leukaemia so I’m feeling pretty sure of my ground in saying that.

There are lots of other causes of petechiae - perhaps you could ask GP in an own ended way what might be the cause on your case.

And also look at your anxiety. You seem quite closely and persistently focussed on one worst-case scenario, even though you have been told the tests rule it out. That in itself doesn’t seem quite right

Mrworrier91 Sat 13-Jun-20 09:59:16

@iVampire Thank you bro for the advice. Wishing you well, my prayers are with you. Get well soon bro!

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