What could this be?

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AlwaysQuestioningReality Fri 12-Jun-20 08:29:05

Back in mid April I had a rash on my torso and legs and was unable to kneel and was because of a painful swollen knee. I felt exhausted, unable to do anything and tearful for at least a month.

My dad who lives with us has also been ill. He had blood tests and was provisionally diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis. The swelling appeared overnight and has since disappeared overnight.

My 16 yr old daughter now has it. She’s absolutely exhausted and has swollen ankles, knees and hands. We went for a blood test yesterday.

None of us have had a temperature or any corona symptoms. Has anyone a clue what this might be please?

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0blio Sat 13-Jun-20 21:41:34

Rubella? www.nhs.uk/conditions/rubella/#symptoms

justchecking1 Sat 13-Jun-20 22:05:20

Sounds like post viral arthritis. There are many viruses that can cause this including Hep B, parvovirus and rubella

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