IBS-D and travel - more specifically a safari

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paap1975 Fri 12-Jun-20 08:23:53

My dream is to go to Africa and see elephants in the wild. BUT, I have one big issue in the form of IBS-D. It is pretty well controlled, but when I have to go I often get very little warning. Also, my worst time is in the morning, which is when safari drives tend to be.

Has anyone managed a safari with IBS-D? How did you do it? I can hardly see myself being allowed to jump out of the vehicle at zero notice. Nor would I want to be in close proximity to other travellers whilst I relieve myself. Do I have to abendon my dream or can things be made to work?

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babasaclover Fri 12-Jun-20 08:32:44

I have been on Safari and can tell you that there are evening game drives as well, actually they were my favourite. We got to see so many cool things at night, if you go to a good enough lodge you can request all evening trips out. Also even if you didn't do the actual game drive, we saw elephants drinking at the water hole which was positioned in front of our lodge.

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