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Scratched tongue

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Chmorgs Fri 12-Jun-20 00:03:29

I was brushing my tongue and I think I’ve scratched a enlarged tastebud because now it feels like there’s something stuck back there. The sensation is making me want to gag. Anyone else had this or know how I can get some relief? I already have to use Biotene mouthwash as I’m on PPIs & get a dry mouth.

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Seaweed42 Fri 12-Jun-20 00:59:38

Try some normal painkillers, might be enough to dull the sensation. That and warm saltwater gargles.

hopsalong Fri 12-Jun-20 07:30:08

Tongues are strange things and pretty resilient so unless it becomes very painful I'd leave it alone. I have a 1/2 cm deep cut in mine (ie looks as if it goes through half the tongue, about 1cm long) from wearing a brace that looped behind my mouth. It has never been painful or caused any problems.

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