Grinding teeth in sleep - weird dizziness/ear pressure

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welliesandbigpuddles Thu 11-Jun-20 13:17:20

over the last 5 or so years i started grinding my teeth in my sleep which didnt cause too many issues other than a sore jaw.

Recently it must be getting worse, i had to have a crown fitted just in the nick of time before lockdown as I'd cracked my tooth.
I am noticing that I am getting headaches, obviously jaw and teeth pain but also some light headedness/dizziness and some weird ear pressure

I never put it all together before and assumed the dizziness etc was due to some other issue like sinuses or hayfever - i take an antihistamine every day and i tried some sinus medication but it didnt help. After some investigation the doctors couldn't find any particular reason for this as i had blood tests taken, thyroid checked etc and nothing was amiss.

I have since learned through reading various things that if you grind your teeth quite a lot/hard enough it can cause some dizziness/weird feelings in your ears

Has anyone else experienced this weird dizzy/ear pressure feeling with teeth grinding?

I know it's all stress related and I can't do anything about that right now really, there's so much going on in my personal life, but I do have an anti snoring mouthguard which I am going to start using.

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