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Can you dilute gripe water

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bumbly Sun 23-Sep-07 11:56:50

in milk..

what I am doing is giving the dose diluted in milk during second half of feed after first burp

so bad taste is minimal...

problem is that i lose part of dose with whatever milk he leaves behind...but not too fussed about that as the lkess med the better in my view


lulumama Sun 23-Sep-07 11:58:14

does it seem to be helping him if it is diluted?

camomile tea can be soothing for babies with wind, and tastes better

have you tried gently bicycling his legs to help bring up wind?

LIZS Sun 23-Sep-07 12:01:16

what about taking it off a tea spoon or syringe dropper. It's an acquired taste but they only pull a face and dribble cos it is different not harmful ! Would n't mix it in with milkfeeds tbh but maybe you could add a little to the spoon ?

bumbly Sun 23-Sep-07 12:08:36

hi lulu and lizs

got a syringe but he started gagging and swallowing even more air which defeats the point...even by dropping liquid slowly on tip of mouth

and last time he really seemed to grimace re taste

is it easier with spoon??

re chamomille tea - that is what they do in italy!! is it safe??

why is it bad to put gripe water in feed itself?

lulumama Sun 23-Sep-07 12:12:10

you could aim the syringe to the side of his mouth, so it doesn't hit his tongue directly, which might make it less unpleasant

camomile should be fine, it is not caffeinated, not sure how much you give , as not given it myself, but have heard it can be good for wind..

if it is mixed with milk, he might nt get the full dose, that;s all

LIZS Sun 23-Sep-07 12:22:46

Yes my concern was that if you put it in the feed he may not take it all and the flavour would be affected which might put him off the rest of the milk feed. If you give it in a short dose the milk can overcome any aftertaste. Fennel tea is popular in some parts of Europe, Milupa (blush do a baby version in granule form. Tastes similar to gripe water but dd tolerated it and I used it when they had tummy upsets for rehydration.

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