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lauraRose93 Mon 08-Jun-20 19:16:44

Hello my names laura. I have 3 children two boys and a little girl aged 15 months.

I need some advice with DD and some support. It all started when DD was around 9-10 months old. We aren't sure how it happened and that's where I think this has stemmed from. A week before Christmas we brought DD home from her nanny's house we were dog sitting my mums two dogs at the time and around 6pm the boys dad brought them home after having them for the weekend after letting them in the door and speaking to Him DD had crawled to greet them as well but was crying. I passed her to her dad and she started falling asleep so I thought she was just grumpy and tired. Half an hour later we took her up for her bath and that's when my partner shouted that we needed to take DD to hospital as she had a huge swelling on her head and it was fluid build up. I rushed her to hospital googling and panicking at what it could of been. When arriving at hospital and time went on that something was very wrong. Then came the news.. the next morning we were taken into a room after a ct scan and told DD had a skull fracture and that police and social services would be contacted. My heart hit the floor as I just couldn't believe this had happened and I didn't know how. I racked my brains trying to remember if she had hit her head at any point. We were treated like monsters I remember screaming "I didn't hurt my baby" but the doctor was stone cold and replied "they all say that" now social worker said I couldn't see my boys but I could stay at the hospital with DD while they investigated. They were lovely and did say they don't think we did anything wrong. 3 days later and after loads of test it was clear to the doctors that it was a knock as their was no trauma and she had just hit it on a point and it cracked the skull and more then likely while letting boys in one of the dogs could of knocked her into the wall, I was allowed to take her home and collect my boys from my sister house. You would think everything is fine but I just can't get over to, I'm constantly on edge, every morning I wake up and constantly dread the day ahead if DD goes near a wall or bumps her head even slightly ( she's walking and running now so it's even worse) I'm finding myself not able to relax at all if she cries I immediately have a panic attack and worry she's hurt herself and I didn't see it. I panic thinking about social services will take my children if I tell the gp about my feelings. I'm just stuck and would love to hear from anyone that has been through something similar or if mums out their have constant fear of their child getting hurt. My boys hit their heads so many times and nothing ever came of it. I hope this makes sense x

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Bubblegum498 Mon 08-Jun-20 20:57:27

Go to your GP, social services will not take your kids off of you, it sounds like you have some depression or anxiety after your terrible ordeal. Just remember that kids are always falling and hurting themselves and theres not really much you can do to stop that I'm afraid x

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