Palpitations after coffee or even chocolate?

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Toastandjams Mon 08-Jun-20 10:05:28

Hi, is it possible to get palpitations or fast heartbeat after eating chocolate which contains coffee?
A bit of my health history:
I usually can’t drink a coffee from Coffee shops like Costa or Starbucks as that is too strong for me, I always feel sick, heart pounding, dizzy.

I only drink now coffee at home, so I can see how strong Or weak I make it.
I am usually ok with those Nescafé sachets in a box, where is different flavours coffees like Irish coffee, Vanilla..
Anyway in this last month I had some stomach troubles like too much acid so I was taking Omeprazole for a full month- just stopped two days ago.
On Saturday and Sunday yesterday) I had my usual Nescafé sachet coffee and then later I had a few bars cappuccino chocolate bars from M&S ( I love these and never had problem with these)
As soon as I had the bars my heart got a such a bad palpitations and fast racing that I thought I’m having a heartbeat attack!
It lasted the whole Sunday( I had 3 of these chocolate bars)
It was a very unpleasant feeling, I could feel my heart in my stomach, ears..
at the evening I was ready to call Dr a I thought my heart is failing.
Than I check the wrapper of the chocolate bar and it says it contains real coffee.
Is it possible that I could be suddenly sensitive these chocolate?
I ate lots of these in a past and never had a problem!
I mean how much coffee it can be in a small chocolate bar?
Or the taking of Omeprazole maybe made me are too sensitive to it?
I have a leaky valves as for heart condition but don’t need follow up, as only minor..

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PETRONELLAS Mon 08-Jun-20 10:09:11

I have leaky valves and only have decaf now as I had episodes over the past five years or so where after coffee or Coke my heart rate was close to 200. Can I ask how you know about the valves?

Toastandjams Mon 08-Jun-20 10:15:46

I had some palpitations about 6 yrs ago and GP sent me to Echo test.
That’s how they found it. Apparently 3 out of 4 leak but consultant said it’s no dangerous as lots of people have these without even knowing it.
I also had another echo test in 2018 and another consultant was not concerned. So no follow up.

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Toastandjams Mon 08-Jun-20 10:18:16

But I can not have a normal coffee like even from coffee machine tassimo or Nespresso, these make me sick, dizzy, heart pounding..
As I said those Nescafé sachets are usually ok for me as I weaken it with milk..
but a choco coffee bar?

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claireb707 Mon 08-Jun-20 10:19:32

Coffee and chocolate both contain caffeine, the chocolate you've had will only contain a very small amount of coffee but that combined with the amount found in chocolate was possibly enough to trigger your palpitations.
I'd avoid coffee and potentially chocolate for a while, or switch to decaf coffee.
I'm quite sensitive to caffeine, can't drink normal tea or coffee (only have decaf) but luckily for me I am not affected by chocolate. I do avoid coffee flavoured / filled chocolates for that reason though.

Maybe try a small amount of non coffee chocolate to see if you are ok with chocolate normally?

Toastandjams Mon 08-Jun-20 10:27:20

Thank you.
I have to look into it.
As I said I had these chocolate bars in a past and never had problem, also cola is usually ok for me.
I was thinking maybe the Omeprazole made me so susceptible to it as had problem with my stomach lining as too much acid..

This morning I foolishly had a choco Moka coffee, which has low caffeine and my heart races again like yesterday..
oh god..

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JollyHostess Mon 08-Jun-20 10:52:57

I think you're going to have to go with caffeine altogether, which I had to do. I started having side effects from caffeine a few years back which at first I could mitigate by mixing half decaf and half normal, but over time my sensitivity has increased so I just have decaf now.
And yes, dark chocolate and anything with real coffee in it has that effect.


AnnaNimmity Mon 08-Jun-20 10:55:02

I get palpitations/racing heart if I eat anything with high sugar in it. Even white rice causes me to have this. I sometimes get blood rushes at the same time.

Yesterday I had espresso martinis (2) in the afternoon. My heart was racing all night - I have had zero hours sleep.

I did go to the doctor years ago - I have a mitral valve prolapse (minor) but he didn't think it was serious, and I'm not sure that it caused the racing heart. He just told me to avoid eating that stuff! I love coffee (and today need it) but just avoid caffeine after about 11 am as I'm so sensitive to it. I avoid high sugar/carb stuff too.

Themadcatparade Wed 10-Jun-20 09:32:00

I would to be on the safe side fine a very good decaff and switch to that.

I’ve had palpitations usually after a late coffee or too much sugar! Maybe it’s the sugar overload? I always get them when I’m overtired too.

Either way, you body is trying to tell you something, listen to it flowers

AuntieBiotic Wed 10-Jun-20 09:36:20

My friend is the same. She was told to stop coffee and chocolate completely. She very occasionally has a ‘real’ coffee and a bit of chocolate and seems ok but daily coffee is off her menu.

iwilltaketwoplease Wed 10-Jun-20 20:02:04

I'm the same with caffeine, tea,coffee, energy drinks really make me feel unwell, like I've done cocaine or something! Then it gives me anxiety attacks, so I don't bother anymore x

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