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What are the signs you are about to faint?

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milliways Sat 22-Sep-07 21:18:35

Was at A&E with DS today - he is fine now btw. I have been in hospitals many times & had many procedures & never been squeamish. Seen things done to the kids is traumatic but I have never ever fainted.

Today, whilst talking to Doc I suddenly went & couldn't hear him properly. Sounded like he was talking from the next room & my ears felt like they needed to pop. I could hardly talk (luckily was sitting down).

A glass of water & swift trip into frsh air helped, but I was left feeling exhausted.

Have you ever fainted - is this was I was about to do? Really weird feeling..

saggarmakersbottomknocker Sat 22-Sep-07 21:21:17

I fainted alot when pg. It usually started like that - then I used to go clammy, everything goes cloudy, then black and down you go.

It is a horrible feeling. Had you had some food?

Glad ds is OK.

FabulousKbear Sat 22-Sep-07 21:21:18

Sounds like you were about to faint! I remember feeling like that. Once on the train when it was hot and overcrowded I felt like that then got tunnel vision and everything went black. Another time when I'd rushed to A&E to see DH who had been hit by a car, I went into his room and he was on oxygen and in a lot of pain and I had a rushing in my ears and my legs went from under me. Luckily the person behind me caught me under the arms.

Hope you and DS are okay now.

WendyWeber Sat 22-Sep-07 21:21:19

When I have (only nearly, not actually) I seem to remember seeing masses of dots in front of my eyes, which started sort of going black, and my ears buzzing.

Does that help?

Racers Sat 22-Sep-07 21:21:57

Sounds like how I felt (I've fainted on about 3 different occasions - once it happened repeatedly over 10 minutes or so as I tried to get back to my feet). As you were sitting, you wouldn't have felt the 'jelly legs' I had but otherwise sounds the same.
Glad you're ok

WendyWeber Sat 22-Sep-07 21:22:42

Why was DS there btw? What was being done? I nearly fainted dealing with a badly cut head on a neighbour's child once.

Yes, sorry, I'm glad he is OK too smile

southeatsastras Sat 22-Sep-07 21:24:02

you feel really sick and then you feel like you've woken up in the morning

could be a panic attack

pinkspottywellies Sat 22-Sep-07 21:24:55

I've had that feeling a couple of times after giving blood. I go all hot and prickly, I get a whooshing sound in my ears and my head feels stuffed with cotton wool. Never actually passed out but I assumed that I was about to!

WendyWeber Sat 22-Sep-07 21:25:17


Is that sea or an imposter?

<apols for hijack>

milliways Sat 22-Sep-07 21:27:50

Yeah I felt really sick - thought was going to loose it on the bed!

Really odd as been in for much worrse things.

DS had felt something in his shoulder "pop" at swimming training whilst warming up. His friend watched as one shoulder blade crossed the other!! Moving arms made him think it was going to happen again - v.painful. Thought he may have dislocated something but just muscle/ligament pull or something nin dramatic.

southeatsastras Sat 22-Sep-07 21:28:52

no it's still me lol grin

WendyWeber Sat 22-Sep-07 21:30:20

Ew shock

Was he being manipulated when you felt funny? I always think watching something uncomfortable being done to someone else (esp your own child) is much worse than having it being done to you.

WendyWeber Sat 22-Sep-07 21:31:44

(Hi sea smile) (The ew was for milliways's DS's shoulder blades obv, not you!)

morningpaper Sat 22-Sep-07 21:37:04

oooh I am always fainting

I am like a Victorian lady

Sometimes my sight goes to a small dot

Sometimes my ears go whoooooossssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh like static

Sometimes I think I'm going to have IMMEDIATE diahorrea (DP has found me with my knickers around my ankles half-way to the toilet when I've fainted blush)

Sometimes I think I'm going to be sick

It's always fun grin

saggarmakersbottomknocker Sat 22-Sep-07 21:39:43

lol sounds like fun MP. Do you have low BP?

milliways Sat 22-Sep-07 21:40:02

PMSL MP grin

Yes , they were manipulating him, but I really didn't realise how much it had gor to me!

morningpaper Sat 22-Sep-07 21:41:20

yes I do

Once I was in the attic with DH1 and passed out backwards and got my arse wedged between two rafters and he had to HEAVE me out

How we laughed hmm

Another time I was actually on the phone to DH1


southeastastra Sat 22-Sep-07 21:43:37

have you tried smelling salts mp, they always worked for the victorians

do you wear a corset? grin

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 22-Sep-07 21:44:18

hi milliways - I have fainted often - last time was fairly recently after having a minor op - the doctor told me that my wound was 'oozing' which sent me into shock and I knew I would faint, so I lay down again and passed out - I was v clammy,sound and vision went weird and that was it ! It has happened to me on a train, at Victoria station , with ds when he had a blood test and on a swing when very young ! Glad your ds is ok btw

saggarmakersbottomknocker Sat 22-Sep-07 21:47:12

Oh Lord I am PMSL at the thought. Your poor dh MP, he must think 'Oh there she goes again'!

Low BP in pg caused my faints....once in the sandwich queue in Boots. Tres embarrassing although got me the afternoon off work.

morningpaper Sat 22-Sep-07 21:48:04

lol @ corset

The thing is, I'm never quite as elegant as Victorian swooning ladies.

I bet they didn't pass out with their pants around their ankles or with their arse wedged between rafters

They just sort of swooned into a nearby man's big strong arms

Emprexia Sun 23-Sep-07 00:38:48

Been a while since i actually fainted, but its always reminded me of going into shock.

You ever had a fall and felt light headed, sicky and hot/clammy afterwards? I feel exactly like that, only my vision starts to cloud as well.

Malaleche Sun 23-Sep-07 00:44:35

LOL, i think you might make the weekly round up with your 'arse wedged in the rafters' story MPwink!

Doodledootoo Sun 23-Sep-07 00:46:30

Message withdrawn

Malaleche Sun 23-Sep-07 00:48:25

Been there blush but in my defence i thought DD1 was dead....

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