Worried about blood thickness

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Meerschweinchen1990 Sun 07-Jun-20 17:39:31

I’ve recently had a blood test - I have always been a difficult person to bleed due to small veins. However the phlebotomist commented that my blood is thick and very quick to clot (a few blood donations in the past failed due to this). Now I am concerned about my risk of developing blood clots and wondered if I should speak to my GP about this? Am I being unnecessarily anxious or a hypochondriac? I don’t like going to the GP so would rather not if I am being over anxious. Anyone else had any experience with thick, fast clotting blood?

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catsandlavender Sun 07-Jun-20 23:18:10

I don’t have advice but honestly just phone GP and ask for a telephone consultation. It’s unlikely you’d have to go in to see them in person for this I imagine.

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