Periods after children

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Livingoffcoffee Mon 08-Jun-20 13:31:53

I've just had my 5th period since it came back. And it's been the last 2 that I noticed it going back towards my old normal.

I've not gone onto the pill or anything though - that may help? If it's gotten that bad, especially with depression, I'd definitely try and speak with your GP.

Nosleeptoddler Sun 07-Jun-20 22:49:52

Thank you! How long has it been since you got your period back? Am worried about this - the depression and then the physical pain is basically wiping out 3-4 days per cycle. Am worried this is going to be permanent!

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Livingoffcoffee Sun 07-Jun-20 18:01:49

I was really similar. Pre-kid I had pretty irregular periods, but always short/light. Never really got cramps - but got migraines.

Once my period returned, it's been much more regular, heavier, and longer. And awful cramps. Each month it seems to be getting slowly back to my "normal"

Nosleeptoddler Sun 07-Jun-20 17:45:56

Hopeful bump

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Nosleeptoddler Sun 07-Jun-20 15:34:15

Hi - i wondered if people’s periods had fundamentally changed after having kids?

Pre kids I had PCOS so very irregular cycles (45-75 days), very light periods and was often on the pill and would run packs back to back.

After dc1 I had a couple of awful but regular periods but then was pregnant again (period came back at 13 months post partum). Now after dc2, where once again period came back at 13 months pp, I am still struggling 5 cycles later (dc2 is now 17 months old).

On the plus side my cycles seem to be much more regular, 30-34 days. On the downside, I feel severely depressed for 24-48 hours before each period, and then when it arrives it is unbelievably painful. Cramping, pains down both hips and legs and through my lower back, feeling sick. I threw up this morning. Not ridiculously heavy, am changing sanpro every couple of hours. But just unbelievably painful.

Has anyone else experienced this and is it just my body (taking ages to) settle down? Or should I be booking it at the gynae? And if normal how do you cope with the depression and pain?

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