Wheezing - tried everything! Can anyone help?

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CakesRus3 Sun 07-Jun-20 07:26:28

For the last 10 weeks I have had a constant feeling of tight chest, sometimes wheezing. I have tested my oxygen levels and they're fine. It's uncomfortable and is getting me down. I try to cough up what feels like phlegm but nothing comes up. There is nothing there to clear.
Covid 19 test - negative.
Antibiotics just in case test was an inaccurate result.
Antihistamines and nasal sprays in case it was hayfever.
It's every day. I don't know what else to do. I'm 42 and the GP has said it's too late on life to all of a sudden have asthma.

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Digestive28 Sun 07-Jun-20 07:32:12

Why can’t you develop asthma later in life? It may be an allergic reaction to something, if you’ve been at home for last 10 weeks you may have had a mild reaction previously not noticed but whatever it is you are around it lots more now? Or change in diet last few weeks - milk is often something that singers say makes breathing (to sing) more difficult?

Wolfiefan Sun 07-Jun-20 07:35:16

Speak to another GP. You can get adult onset asthma.
They should check your peak flow.

CakesRus3 Sun 07-Jun-20 07:44:03

32Digestive28 thankyou, I have been working throughout. We have a puppy put he is 9 months so I have ruled that out. Milk? Oh ok, I will look into that, thankyou.
35Wolfiefan thankyou, I have spoken to 3. 1st - said it's covid even with negative results. 2nd said it was anxiety, even when I explained it wasn't she said it can't be asthma. 3rd gave me antibiotics and again said unlikely to be asthma at my age. I will have to speak to another.

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Moondust001 Sun 07-Jun-20 07:58:50

I wouldn't rule out allergies. It is possible that you have / had a mild reaction to the puppy, but that the lockdown (indoors all the time with the dog) has "concentrated" the effect. Also, if you start to get one allergic reaction, you can also become sensitised to other allergens - so it could start with puppy (a bit) then you get pollen (a bit more) and then you might add house mites (a little bit more). Nothing is ever that simple, but the fact you've been like this coinciding with the lockdown would certainly be a starting point for me.

There is a "trick" that can help that unproductive cough (which may be part of your problem - coughing irritates the throat and can create a "feedback loop"). Every time you feel an urge to cough, close your mouth and breathe in deeply through your nose. Then pucker up your lips (like you are making an exaggerated kiss) and force the breath out in a whoosh through your lips. Do this every time. It's not an instant fix but it does help reduce the urge to cough, which reduces the irritation of the throat.

ChateauMargaux Sun 07-Jun-20 07:59:49

It could be asthma. It can come on at any time. It is possible that it is allergy related and due to a combination of factors which have not caused a reaction until now but something has tipped your immune system over the edge. I would look to reduce your exposure to all possible sources of reaction and inflammation. The book.heal.your allergies in 7 days has a lot of great suggestions, just don't think that in 7 days you will have fixed it but hopefully in time you can reduce the symptoms.

Highlights: reduce the amount of chemicals in your home, simplify your diet (no red meat, no sugar, no grains, no nuts, no dairy, no soy.. not for ever, just to get things under control), natural antihistamine - high dose vitamin C plus other vitamins, food source if possible.

Also look at Butekyo breathing.

FWIW.. my guess is that the dog is a possible contributory factor.

Bagelsandbrie Sun 07-Jun-20 08:00:04

My now quite severe asthma came out of the blue at 36. I’m now 40 and use two different inhalers. Ask to see an asthma nurse for a second opinion.


HelloDulling Sun 07-Jun-20 08:02:21

My husband developed severe asthma at 47, and now uses two diff pumps every day, and likely always will. Ask to see an asthma nurse.

Wolfiefan Sun 07-Jun-20 08:20:53

Oh that’s awful. Three doctors and not one checked peak flow or even gave you a reliever inhaler to try.
I have similar. But I’ve long had asthma and hay fever. I’m on fexofenadine for the hay fever. Helps a bit. And two inhalers.
And puppy? They can change their coat as they get older. Cats the same. I wasn’t allergic to our cats as kittens but developed an allergy to one as she grew! What breed is it? I spent two years meeting as many of the breed as I could and getting up close to check for allergies. Thankfully owners and dogs didn’t mind me asking to bear hug the dogs. grin

Cucumberinginplease Sun 07-Jun-20 08:33:08

I'm 40 and was diagnosed with Asthma 2 years ago. My symptoms were very similar to yours. Late or adult onset asthma is definitely a thing.

Could you seek a second opinion from a GP or nurse practitioner? Either way, you should not be struggling like this. I hope you get some support and feel better soon. flowers

CakesRus3 Sun 07-Jun-20 08:40:46

Thankyou all so much for your messages, recommendations and advice. I really do appreciate it.
I'm going to talk to another GP (I forgot that I spoke to another, so that's 4. She gave me a prescribed of omeprazole as she thought it was gastric replux).
Our dog is a cockapoo. I read this breed doesn't trigger allergies?!

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CakesRus3 Sun 07-Jun-20 08:42:09

33Cucumberinginplease thankyou smile I'm going to try the GP again. Thankyou all smile

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Sohardtochooseausername Sun 07-Jun-20 08:47:03

I sympathise. I have adult onset asthma but it took a while to be diagnosed. Also, the pollen is much worse this summer. Find a sympathetic GP. You can also call the asthma UK helpline. There are expert nurses on there who are mega helpful.

Glendaruel Sun 07-Jun-20 08:52:28

My asthma is brought on by hayfever and didn't find out til I was older as it comes and goes. Didn't really understand it for years until after bad phase was sent to asthma nurse who I didn't know existed. She was brilliant, explained it and was told to go to her if I was having problems as she had more experience than gps in asthma. It was fortunately small surgery who still had time to listen.

Happynow001 Sat 13-Jun-20 04:35:55

* Speak to another GP. You can get adult onset asthma.*
Yes. I had a bad bout of flu (even though id had my flu jab) a few years ago and after two rounds of antibiotics still had a tight and wheezy chest. My GP prescribed an asthma preventer inhaler which worked wonders. I still use it occasionally and get goodrelief from it quite quickly. Good luck OP.

KellyHall Sat 13-Jun-20 06:21:17

Pollen levels are particularly high this year too. Have you tried different antihistamines?

IggysPop Sat 13-Jun-20 06:31:22

I was diagnosed with adult onset asthma about 6 weeks ago (44 years old). Puppy here too. I am pretty sure it’s the dog - have always kept dogs though, but had a 4 year gap.

There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog - there are dogs that shed less but their dander etc. is in the air.

Top tip: try to speak with a nurse practitioner rather than your GP. Get a peak flow monitor too.

Our dog is not allowed upstairs and we have hepa filters. I will have anti-allergy shots if/when it’s confirmed.

Isitnow Sat 13-Jun-20 10:04:36

I'm in exactly the same position on exactly the same timeline too (10-12) weeks of this. I'm 37. Have been on the phone to my GP once a week for a month now and variously been prescibed antihistamines (fexofenadine), reliever inhaler, oral steroids (prednisolone), steroid inhaler. Nothing has worked. Saw my GP yesterday who referred me to A&E. 3 nebulisers and some more prednisolone later and I'm feeling 0% better, peak flow still low and oxygen just about at acceptable. Back to the GP and referral to respiratory clinic on Monday for what the doc called "likely challenging asthma". I really sympathise, it's been rubbish dealing with this on top of lockdown.

Re. The corona possibility. My GP thinks i may have had it weeks/months ago and it has triggered asthma. She says given the timing it wouldn't show on an active test now but is going to try to get me an antibody test next week to understand if previous infection was the likely trigger. Interestingly, while waiting in A&E yesterday I got talking to the guy sitting (2m away!) next to me and he had the same symptoms and experience as well.

You can buy a peak flow meter for about a tenner and a pulse ox monitor for about 20 quid on Amazon. Definitely recommend it at the mo when it's harder to see docs face to face. Mine was really pleased to have the peak flow recordings I'd taken. I also found the asthma uk helpline that someone mentioned above helpful.

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