Bleeding after open appendectomy

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sicknote26 Sun 07-Jun-20 00:45:42

Hi all I was wanting a bit of advice, had my appendix out two weeks ago and for the last couple of days the wound won't stop bleeding. I called 111 yesterday and was told to go to a&e, after waiting hours they dressed it and said to come back to clinic Monday. By the time I got home my dressing was soaked in blood, then this morning again the blood had soaked through two dressings on top of each other and all my pjs. I'm having to change the dressing every 3 hours, what do I do wait till Monday or go tomorrow ?

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LeGrandBleu Sun 07-Jun-20 01:27:06

Of course you go back. With an overnight bag in case you are admitted to redo the stitches and observation

Time2change2 Sun 07-Jun-20 01:29:00

This doesn’t sound normal. I had the same op as you a while back and two weeks on it was weeping a bit but not bleeding. Go back in ASAP

AriettyHomily Sun 07-Jun-20 01:35:46

Go back, now. Why on earth wouldn't you?

sicknote26 Sun 07-Jun-20 10:28:37

They didn't seem concerned in a&e, just dressed it and said come back Monday, and if the dressing comes off put a new one on. I thought this wasn't right but the nurses see this all the time so went with what they said. I've got up this morning and it's soaked through 3 layers of dressing as I doubled one dressing up and then put another one over it, I will go back up today thanks everyone

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LeGrandBleu Sun 07-Jun-20 18:37:04

I am really surprised. Hopefully it will get better soon. Try to move as little as possible. DO you have help in the house?

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