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Gallbladder? Pain & sickness

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WhereDoWeGo Sat 06-Jun-20 20:01:11

Hi. I've had pain in my left side under my ribs for a while. It's now kind of got to the point where it's always there & I've just adapted my life around it, meaning I don't lay on that side anymore & automatically put my hand there if something is coming towards me (my child's head, mainly, as they are just that height!) & I had a pelvic exam & put my hand there & said 'Dont touch that bit!) I went to GP after several nights of dreaming of being in pain & waking up in pain (if that makes sense!) They said they couldn't feel anything & as nothing is on that side it's likely to be nothing but refered me for a scan (now cancelled)
I've always been wondering if it's gallbladder related. I mean, I know they said there's nothing on the Left side, but my mum had her gallbladder removed after suffering for ages, I remembered her pain was on the Left, but I checked with her anyway, & she said it was definitely on the left.

I've had 3 lots of sickness during lockdown. Obviously I cleaned up after, but the kids usually catch what I've had/I catch what they've had, & all these 3 times they've been fine.

Any ideas? Gallbladder? Something else? Nothing?!

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goose1964 Sun 07-Jun-20 00:11:56

I've had both gallbladder and a pain in the right side. They weren't link and the doctor said it was probably run pain.

WhereDoWeGo Sun 07-Jun-20 03:23:52

Thank you goose. I hope you are better now. I thought mine was probably a pulled muscle or something but it's been so long now that I don't think that's possible.

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Tabithha Sun 07-Jun-20 03:34:12

I’m not sure it’s your gallbladder. When I had issues with mine I was on the floor sobbing as I was in agony. I thought I was having a heart attack at first. I ended up in hospital for over a week and eventually had it taken out. I hope you manage to get it sorted eventually

WhereDoWeGo Sun 07-Jun-20 03:44:03

Thank you Tabitha. That sounds awful, I hope things are better now you've had it removed? flowers
My mum's hasn't been all plain sailing as she struggles now with all the 'nice' things she can't eat.

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ThanksMateThanksMate Sun 07-Jun-20 03:56:52

One of the first gallbladder attacks I had made me think I was having a heart attack.
(Sharpness and huge wave of pain)
Not side-specific at the time.
When I had subsequent attacks (awaiting surgery), they felt upper centre, down to the right.
Since the op (2007) I have constant right-side pain
It sounds like you wed to rule out other left-sides conditions.

WhereDoWeGo Sun 07-Jun-20 04:05:10

Thank you Thanks mate Hopefully the scan will show either clearly something else, or nothing, if that makes sense!
I have read it's generally on the Right.
I hope you are ok now. That first attack sound scary flowers

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TenShortStories Sun 07-Jun-20 04:07:05

If it's under the left side it sounds more likely to be something like gastritis than gallbladder related. Does it wake you up at night with a gnawing sort of pain, almost like hunger but much, much worse?

WhereDoWeGo Sun 07-Jun-20 04:31:56

Thank you TenShortStories wouldn't call it hunger, I'd call it very tender. Sometimes it wakes me up as I've laid on it (or it's just sore) & it's that kind of 'Its hurting so much, I want to wrap myself up in a cuddle, but I have to lay completely straight so that I don't touch it'

Or it's just a general ache. Sometimes I tell myself it's better now. But then I touch it & it's definitely not.

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Chicchicchicchiclana Sun 07-Jun-20 04:42:48

I've had several gallstones episodes since last August and had my gallbladder removed in January. All my pain was central and under my right ribs (and in my back and shoulders). So I would guess your pain might be something else .... but am not a doctor! I hope they can see you soon as it sounds not very nice for you flowers.

OverseasTeacher99 Sun 07-Jun-20 04:47:11


WhereDoWeGo Sun 07-Jun-20 04:50:36

Chicchic yes hopefully it's not. I hope yours has improved now.

I do appreciate everybodies responses. I noticed the date on my scan letter yesterday & had a little panic that I've been waiting so long & I have nobody to talk to in RL about it (minimum, with my mum, as she ended up very poorly & I don't want to worry her)

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WhereDoWeGo Sun 07-Jun-20 04:57:51

Thank you Overseas. I just googled that & it says lower left pain which mine definitely isn't. It's right up almost under the left ribs. Also I've not noticed it getting worse after eating.
If I put my hand in the join the the bottom of my ribs, the pain starts where my palm is, so it's about a hands-width away from the middle of the ribs, & carries on until nearly my side (if that is any help to anybody on explaining 'where' the pain is!)

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nogooddeedgoesunpunished Sun 07-Jun-20 05:01:34

Sounds painful. My gallstone pain was on the right side but also in my back. It was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt and I have had 3 major operations. It felt like I was having a heart attack and I needed major pain relief to function. I'm not medically qualified but your pain doesn't sound similar to my experience. I was told by my GP and hospital A& E ( many visits before having gallbladder removed) that my symptoms were textbook for gallstones. Hope you get to the bottom of it soon

WhereDoWeGo Sun 07-Jun-20 05:10:36

Thank you nogooddeed It's reassuring that most are calling it 'feeling like a heart attack' as it definitely hasn't felt like that.

Reassuring for me obviously, not very nice for everybody who has experienced it! flowers

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Ispywithmycynicaleye Sun 07-Jun-20 08:03:59

I'm waiting for surgery to remove my gallbladder and the gallstone attacks do feel like you are having a heart attack, like your chest and back are being crushed and it's hard to breathe. My gallbladder was inflamed so when not having an attack I had this constant feeling like I'd been kicked hard in the ribs, like a dull ache. But that was also on the right side.
Do you have any pain on the right side? Could you have damaged your ribs on your left side? Sometimes a sneeze or cough can crack a rib and the pain can last months.

WhereDoWeGo Sun 07-Jun-20 08:18:34

Thank you Ispywithmycynicaleye I hope your op doesn't take long, it sounds awful flowers Its definitely all in the one spot on the left. I don't think it is the ribs, as I can touch the ribs & they are fine. It's the fleshy part rather than the ribs themselves.
It's reassured me so much hearing from actual people instead of just googling!

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Ispywithmycynicaleye Sun 07-Jun-20 11:41:43

Just had a quick google and pancreatitis matches what you describe. The pain is on the left side and can be caused by gallstones.

The pancreas is a gland located near your small intestine in the upper left part of your body. It secretes enzymes and digestive juices into the small intestine to help break down food. Pancreatitis refers to inflammation of your pancreas. This can be due to:

an injury
alcohol abuse
Pain caused by pancreatitis usually comes on slowly and intensifies after eating. It may come and go or be constant. Additional symptoms of pancreatitis include:

weight loss

WhereDoWeGo Sun 07-Jun-20 12:12:10

Aah, thank you Ispywithmycynicaleye I just had a look, that's definitely a possibility. I did have general bloods done & I think the liver was borderline so they re-did them but then the result was fine.

I definitely havnt lost weight, put it on if anything, but nausea YES. With or without vomiting.

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Tabithha Sun 07-Jun-20 15:27:42

@WhereDoWeGo it is much better thanks. I’m not sure it’s pancreatitis either though as I suffered with that as a result of my inflamed gallbladder. If I remember correctly that pain was in more of a central location and I was vomiting a lot. I was mainly throwing up bile 😳 and I was given antibiotics to treat it before the surgery to remove my gallbladder. However everyone is different and I’m not medically trained so it could be pancreatitis. If the pain is unbearable do you think a trip to A&E might be worth it? I understand that’s probably not ideal with covid but they’d have to asses you and could maybe give you a scan?

WhereDoWeGo Sun 07-Jun-20 15:54:43

Thanks Tabitha you are the one to ask then as you are the expert smile (I'm joking, I know it's hard to tell on here sometimes!) I'm glad you are doing better. The pain really isn't unbearable. I would say day to day it's a 2, as long as I don't knock it or touch it it's barely there, when it hurts it goes up to an 8 so bad, makes me cry but still just about bareable.

The first episode of vomiting I had was like a 'standard sick bug' coming out of both ends at once (nice!) & Then 24 hours later all better.
2nd one was the worst. That one had me sobbing on the phone to my mum (& I never ask my mum for help unless I'm dying!) I had the worst nausea & dizziness I'd ever had, all day long my head was spinning, I could literally barely crawl to the toilet or do anything all day as I was so disorientated. Then that evening I threw up so many times, into the kitchen sink as it came on so suddenly & was so violent that I couldn't make it upstairs. & It was constant for a couple of hours. I was sticking up nothing but it just wouldn't stop. I had to hang up on my mum twice to be sick. The next day I felt rough & was sick once but it was pretty much over.
The third time was just one random lot of vomiting. I was just sat there feeling fine then it was 'Oh. I'm gonna be sick!' just the once.

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Tabithha Sun 07-Jun-20 16:48:42

@WhereDoWeGo thank you, it was a relief when I had it taken out. I was in hospital for just under 2 weeks and could barely eat the entire time I was there. The weight loss was the only good thing about my stay! I’ve read your op again and I honestly don’t know what it could be. My gp once said pain on the left side of the abdomen is usually related to constipation/gastro issues but I doubt that’s what your issue is. I honestly don’t know sad living in pain isn’t fun so I personally would go to hospital although I realise that’s easier for me as I don’t have kids. I really hope you manage to get it sorted. My advice would be don’t let anyone fob you off. If you have to exaggerate your pain levels a little then so be it. You shouldn’t have to live with it especially if it turns out to be something that’s relatively straightforward to fix

WhereDoWeGo Sun 07-Jun-20 17:46:37

Thanks Tabitha Haha I could do with some accidental weight loss. It's nice to hear a 'happy ending', I bet you couldn't wait to get home!
I'm happy to wait for a scan unless it gets more painful. It could be bowel related I suppose, but it's not in the normal place for that. I do struggle with all of my 'down there' really (think I could take up the whole site with all my issues) grin

I did have the pelvic exam & a Cystoscopy during lockdown.. I'd think that would be more risky than a scan & it wasn't urgent but I know it's different departments etc & I don't pretend to understand the criteria for who gets seen & who doesn't as I'm not medical.

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onlinelinda Sun 07-Jun-20 23:22:32

Pancreatitis can be very dangerous. See a doctor.

WhereDoWeGo Mon 08-Jun-20 00:00:01

I've seen a Dr. Scan booked & cancelled for now due to covid.

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