Injured knee, any suggestions for speedy healing?

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kgal3542 Wed 03-Jun-20 23:12:40

I am in my late 50's, & was bouncing on a trampolene 4 weeks ago with my grandchildren, ( I know!) I did some "knee drops" & 2 days later the back of my knee was really stiff, then painful 3 days afterwards. It's like a dull ache now all around my knee. I usually go for a 10 minute morning run, but stopped doing this from when I felt the pain, until this morning, 4 weeks later, when I went for a 5 minute run with a crepe bandage around the knee. Tonight I took an ibuprofen, which worked, but does anyone have advice for quick healing please? Knee is stiff & painful when I bend or kneel down, and pain sometimes radiates towards ankle. I've never had a knee injury before.

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LeGrandBleu Thu 04-Jun-20 06:00:49

Knees are tricky. I injured my knee during a kickboxing training in November three years ago and it wasn’t until March that an almost normal knee was back. I tried physio for a month with zero success then fed up paid for private MRI and I had a solidified haematoma the size of a small egg. No physio would have ever sorted it. I just had to wait for my body to slowly reabsorb it.

Rest is the key. Forcing a damaged knee can be detrimental for recovery so if you can afford it, consult someone or consider MRI.

Many things can be wrong with the knee and each has its own recommendations. You can’t guess.

bluefoxmug Thu 04-Jun-20 06:06:31

and gentle movement non weight baring, like cycling on your back.
and stretches

kgal3542 Thu 04-Jun-20 09:52:33

Thankyou LeGrandBleu & bluefoxmug, knee looks like a recurring trouble spot if i'm not careful.
Will have to watch what i eat too, as if i am not able to exercise the same, the pounds will pile on. I'm furloughed from work, and tried my work trousers on just now, they won;t fasten !

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Singinginshower Fri 05-Jun-20 08:43:28

I recently had a phone consultation with a physiotherapist from my GP surgery where I had useful advice for something similar.

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