Cros or bicros hearing aid- anyone any experience?

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WaitingForSummerAgain Tue 02-Jun-20 20:07:44

Hi all,

I only discovered these existed last night. I am completely deaf in one ear since childhood and think my other ear is now moderate deafness (online tests at home). I had been hoping they might be able to do something for my good ear but then when reading up on that found out about cros system ones. I did have a little cry at the thought that something might give me more hearing back after 40 years of nothing on 1 side!!

I have a telephone appointment with Specsavers tomorrow, and a local independent clinic at the weekend.

Please can you all tell me your thoughts on the cros ones, and your experience so I am a bit more clued up.

How much difference do they make, do the NHS do them in your area, are private ones much better than NHS. Also NHS waiting times etc, aftercare and stuff.

Do they do trials for hearing aids? How much are they roughly if you go private?

I'd love to know a little bit more so I can try and ask the right questions when I am talking to them. I am so hopeful now that they will be able to help me a bit with both ears, that would be amazing.


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