Impacted ear wax pain - help!

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Blondeyoghurt Mon 01-Jun-20 19:19:58


Need a second opinion on this as I’m at a loss as to what to do sad

For the last 2 or so months my left ear has been so blocked on and off throughout the day, until 2 weeks ago I cleaned it out with a cotton bud (I know.. don’t say it blush )

Since then it’s been quite painful, I’ve had antibiotics from the doctor for an infection before they even had a look, just because I’m also 36 weeks pregnant. They didn’t shift the blockage so the doctor had a look and confirmed it as impacted ear wax.

Roll on 5 days, I’m using sodium bicarbonate ear drops and they’re doing absolutely nothing, if anything they’re making the pain unbearable confused

The pain is so far in it almost feels like it’s creeping into my throat! And I have such a blocked and stuffy nose on and off (I assume is just from pregnancy though).

Does anyone have any ideas as to what’s going on or what I can do?

I appreciate your opinions, thank you!! Xx

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halfgirlhalfturnip Mon 01-Jun-20 19:21:36

Can you try a Hopi candle? You can get online or Holland and Barratt. Won't help infection though and may be very painful..

VictoriaBun Mon 01-Jun-20 19:23:13

Look at Earol ear spray. It's only olive oil but it comes in a small spray bottle that you put in your ear. It keeps my ears clear.

Sabee Mon 01-Jun-20 22:58:36

I use otex - works very well for me.

PlayinMay Mon 01-Jun-20 23:02:13

You need to read the ear -hoovering thread in classics asap.

Bells3032 Mon 01-Jun-20 23:04:52

You need to go get your ears suctioned. The oil and bicarb do the same thing which is soften the wax to make it easier to remove but you still need to get it removed. Why didn't thr gp syringe it?

GeorgiaWeLoveYou Mon 01-Jun-20 23:06:16

I would recommend olive oil ear drops and make sure you allow them to soak down your ear canal in order to loosen the wax.

I would also say to 'steam yourself'. Fill a mixing bowl with boiling water and hover your head over with a towel over your head, doing big breaths. Add some olbas oil or similar to the water if you have some. This is usually done for nose blockages but has helped relieve pain before when I've been in a similar situation to you.


GeorgiaWeLoveYou Mon 01-Jun-20 23:07:32

@Bells3032 the doctor probably thought the wax is not soft enough yet. Syringing can burst the ear drum if the wax isn't soft.

TheTeenageYears Tue 02-Jun-20 00:01:59

My DH gets blocked ears - it's to do with the shape of your ear canal and what can and can't secrete naturally. Sometimes he can get away with me putting olive oil in for a few days to avoid the build up but most of the time they then need syringing to remove the plug. Try olive oil for a few days and see if it makes a difference.

WhatWouldYouDoWhatWouldJesusDo Tue 02-Jun-20 00:06:09

I scrape it out with a Kirby grip. It's very satisfying.

Be careful with drops, they could be making things worse, I ended up with a big blockage in my ears from the wax basically soaking up the drops and making it worse, the nurse said it can act like a sponge.........I'm fairly certain that's what's happened with you.

Bells3032 Tue 02-Jun-20 05:37:55

Do not put ANYTHING down your ears as pp suggests. You can perforate your ear drum and tear a hole in your ear canal and as someone whose had both (not caused by a kirby grip though) I can tell you both are very unpleasant

Bluemoooon Tue 02-Jun-20 06:00:05

I cleared wax once (though not hardened wax) by lying with my head on the side on a hot water bottle. (not so hot it burnt my ear )

Ugzbugz Tue 02-Jun-20 06:07:12

If it's that painful call the doctors but do olive oil every day then cover some cotton wool with vaseline and plug in your ear so olive oil cant escape. Last time I had a blocked ear the doctor told me they dont syringe anymore and to blast the shower in my ear but the olive oil did resolve it.

Ugzbugz Tue 02-Jun-20 06:07:48

Also just buy a pipette to easily place the oil in your ear.

EngagedAgain Tue 02-Jun-20 07:09:00

Do you mean you've had antibiotics this time? Presume it would be the same principle if you had an dental abscess - they don't do anything until infection is cleared up. Earache is horrible. I think you should consult the GP again, with view to getting it syringed, but yes wax has to be soft first. Being you're fairly near to the birth you need to get this cleared up now really. When you use those ear drops you need to lay down for a while to let them properly sink in.

Purplewithred Tue 02-Jun-20 07:17:55

I’ve had this before and GP irrigated successfully. Happened again and GP recommended olive oil as they aren’t irrigating. Tried that for ages, no joy. Tried the otex drops and their bulb squirty thing, no joy. Eventually found a micro suction place and had it done. Very successful in the completely blocked ear, less so the half blocked ear. Then the half blocked ear developed an infection (bloody painful, waiting to hear their grovelling apology). So overall, if your GP is still doing irrigation go for that- I’m pretty sure if my GP had irrigated earlier on I would have been fine.

JacobReesMogadishu Tue 02-Jun-20 07:19:30

If you’re anywhere near Leicester the Hear Clinic is open. They do microsuction. I guess other places may be open round the uk.

Blondeyoghurt Tue 02-Jun-20 08:47:56

Thanks for all your ideas, I’m starting to think suction will be what I’ll have to go for. Waiting for the doctor to ring me to get me in this afternoon to have a look as I’ve woke up this morning and it’s absolute agony sad

Last week when the doctor saw me he said they don’t do any kind of suction or syringe in the ears anymore so we’ll see, but the drops are definitely making it worse if nothing else!!

@EngagedAgain I’m edging onto 37 weeks now and that’s what’s worrying me the most about this ear problem, the last thing I want when pushing a baby out grin

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Biglittlethings Tue 02-Jun-20 08:50:45

Dear god do not use a Hopi candle - they are scams!!

ExpectingToFly Tue 02-Jun-20 08:55:55

I bought this from Amazon and it worked had todo it a fair few times but it did work eventually

FamilyOfAliens Tue 02-Jun-20 08:58:42

My DM had this and last week went for microsuction at Specsavers - it cost £55 but at least she can hear again!

FinallyHere Tue 02-Jun-20 09:01:59

Another vote for micro suction.

GPs don't syringe anymore because of the risk of damaging as explained above.

Bigearringsbigsmile Tue 02-Jun-20 09:05:56

I pay 60 quid for both ears every 9 months or so. It's like a miracle.

My clinic is still open.

WotnoPasta Tue 02-Jun-20 09:21:24

I’ve had it a few times. We slightly warm olive oil and drop it into the ear. I then lie in my side for as long as possible. I’ll do this 2/3 times a day. I also let the shower water run into my ears. I’ve unblocked a painful blockage before this way.

Adirondack Tue 02-Jun-20 09:31:04

Definitely micro suction is what you need. I’m a veteran of hideous ear infections caused initially by pool water getting trapped behind impacted wax. Giving birth is a walk in the park compared to the pain of an ear infection so you might find the baby just pops out without you even noticing! Google microsuctioning in your local area- we have a couple of local ppl who operate from their homes, tho not sure what they’re doing re covid/PPE. I also get eczema in my ears and since my last infection the eczema and wax is kept under control with a smear of dermovate in my ear canal every fortnight (prescribed by consultant) so might be worth seeing about that once you’re fixed up?

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