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Ugly growths / warts on scalp. Can they be removed with OTC stuff? Pics!!

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Amstelbier Sun 31-May-20 20:36:31

Hi, I have these wart type growths on my scalp, they’ve been there for years. As I’ve got olde lr my hair is thinner and I’m paranoid that when it’s put up these are visible.
Is it possible to treat these myself or will it have to be a doctor appointment?

If any docs can advise I’d be so grateful

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ElectricTonight Sun 31-May-20 20:52:52

I think the doctor would have to sort those for you possible by freezing or cutting them out.

LeGrandBleu Sun 31-May-20 21:44:39

Do you have similar growths on your body? Or some patches of darker skin in a milky tea colour?
I would show it to a doctor and maybe have a pathology test done.
It was when removing a growth from my scalp that I was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1)

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