Constant headaches

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thegreylady Sun 31-May-20 14:17:47

In November I had a bad fall involving nearly two weeks in hospital. I had two fractures in my knee and a nasty concussion. My head was scanned and they said there was no break or bleed but some age related changes.I am 76.
Ever since I have had a dull headache for part of every day. I have no vision disturbance, no weakness or numbness and the headaches are not present first thing in the morning or through the night. Most of the time they aren’t even bad enough for paracetamol, just a background ache not in the same place in my head but more often back left.
It has been over 6 months now. I spoke to GP twice before lockdown and she suggested post concussion syndrome.
On Friday I convinced myself it was a brain tumour! I had breast cancer
in 2006. I rang the GP aand sh was great. She said that a brain tumour would have progressed not stayed the same for 6/7 months but I am still scared. Does anyone have any idea what could be a cause for this type of headache? The GP suggested a Mindfulness app which didn’t look useful to me.
Please help if you have ny ideas at all.

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