Pregnant-Vibration sensation in chest/upper abdomen when inhaling deeply

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Cath0000 Sun 31-May-20 08:43:58

Hello Ive spoken to 4 GPs about this now and just wondered if anyone had experienced this? After sleeping several hours at night, when I wake up and inhale deeply/yawn I feel this vibration in my chest area. It stays for a deep breath or 2 then goes away. It doesnt happen during the day and tends to be after a long sleep. Doctors arent concerned enough to check me out or send me for tests. I cant help but worry about it. No cough or phlegm coming up or anything. Not really painful or anything. Im hoping Im not alone and it is something other pregnant women experience. Im 17 weeks and a bit along. TIA!

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Altah Fri 21-May-21 10:34:17

Hello! How did you get on?

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