Hangover feeling but hadn't had alcohol

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mondaypolomint Sun 31-May-20 00:02:11

Anyone know what this is? I wake up May once a month or two months feeling like I'm hungover nauseous, groggy, a vheadache and aching neck and shoulders. It can last up to about 3 days - then goes and I'm fine. I can't work out what causes it and why I get it.

I react to certain flavourings and preservatives in food so I try not to eat too much processed food in my diet and I don't eat much white bread or sugar

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mondaypolomint Sun 31-May-20 00:02:54

Maybe not May typos!!

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PapercraftNinja Sun 31-May-20 00:05:15

I get this too!

I had blood tests and they thought it could be
- low iron
- underactive thyroid
- dehydration

I take iron tablets which seem to help, but this month it happened just before my period and I was actually sick I thought i was pregnant!

Might be worth a blood test?

PapercraftNinja Sun 31-May-20 00:05:42

Strange because it’s the same for me just a few days at a time

DameFanny Sun 31-May-20 00:23:36

Sounds like a form of migraine to me - especially if monthly as it could be hormonally triggered. Drink extra water, put a heat pad on your neck and shoulders, and maybe aspirin if you can tolerate it?

Greenbutterlfy566 Sun 31-May-20 00:25:38


mondaypolomint Sun 31-May-20 09:16:31

Hi I'm glad it's not just me getting it - although I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

I'm past the menopause but I used to get this around ovulation and the only thing that eased it was eating carbs. It's the same when I get it now pasta and filling foods help for a short while. I drink lots of water- so it's not that.

It might be a kind of migraine as you say @Greenbutterlfy566

It plays havoc with any attempts at dieting too as I'll crave carbs when I get this nausea thing. I'd just started a diet last week when I woke up a day later with this sick feeling but I'd not stopped eating any food groups - I was just trying to eat less

It's a mystery

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Earnsomething Sun 31-May-20 09:38:23

I've been getting this a lot during lockdown. Initially, I thought it was because I was actually drinking too much, a couple of glasses of wine had become the norm, although I wouldn't usually expect a hangover from that amount, but I stopped and it's still happening.

I'm now wondering if it's dehydration, it has been unusually warm for a long time now.

Ledkr Sun 31-May-20 09:48:14

I get it too. The headaches are less intense since i stopped having cheap decaff tea and bought some naturally decaffeinated bags but i still wake most mornings feeling like it.
I have to have tea and toast to get rid of it.
Its worse if i have a drink.

SandysMam Sun 31-May-20 09:50:49

Kidney problems? Ask for a kidney function test.

anonacatchat Sun 31-May-20 09:54:45

Oh god I had this exactly the same on Friday .. whilst on period

SparticusCaticus Sun 31-May-20 09:58:14

I get this at time of month or if I have a headache whether it goes into migraine or not
I don't drink
Sometimes I haven't drink enough water the previous day
I also found out I had a vitamin D deficiency
- if you're not out in the garden much during lockdown

RandomMess Sun 31-May-20 09:59:39

Hormonal migraine? Just with mild symptoms...

Bertyb7 Sun 31-May-20 10:18:01

I have this and I always realise afterwards that it is dehydration. It's an awful feeling!

dontdisturbmenow Sun 31-May-20 16:27:39

I had this every morning whilst during the perimenopause, since then I still do occasionally. Dehydration certainly makes it worse.

Juanmorebeer Sun 31-May-20 16:39:21

Something to do with your period?

mondaypolomint Sun 31-May-20 16:56:55

Sorry to disappoint but like I said upthread, I'm past the menopause

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RandomMess Sun 31-May-20 19:01:04

Possibly dehydration or caffeine withdrawal or it is something you are eating.

I would keep a detailed food diary.

mondaypolomint Sun 31-May-20 19:47:48

Good idea to keep a eating diary RandomMess

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3LittleMonkeyz Sun 31-May-20 19:50:48

Try magnesium (for better sleep and headaches) and potassium (most people don't get enough and you need it to properly hydrate).

bluefoxmug Sun 31-May-20 19:55:49

could be carbonmonoxide poisoning,
can you get a co monitor?

is it better when you are not at home?

mondaypolomint Sun 31-May-20 22:28:22

3littlemonkeyz that's a good point about the magnesium as I've always had an issue with not getting enough magnesium - I used to have to take it for PMS and I get restless legs which i ease with magnesium oil

I will try to up my magnesium and see how I get on

Bluefoxmug - no change from home or away

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