Stomach pain and sickness

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Leonella123 Sat 30-May-20 23:43:35

I'm so worried, I have been feeling sick for 5 days without any break. Haven't actually been sick.. but feel it. Not pregnant! I also get these awful tummy pains when I'm asleep.... if I eat something it tends to help. On top of all this.. I seem to be having a bowel movement much more then I used to. I'm so worried I have stomach cancer or bowel cancer or something! I'm 30 with 4 children!! Anyone else had similar things?
I've been to doctor and they just gave me anti acids for the tummy pain.. and said my Bowels are irritable bowel as I get this urgency to go. I'm more worried about feeling nauseous for 5 days straight

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copperoliver Sun 31-May-20 00:41:33

Go back to the GP and say you want a bowel test.
Does sound to me like you have reflux too. X

Leonella123 Sun 31-May-20 08:10:42

I'm worried that I have cancer!!

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Bagelsandbrie Sun 31-May-20 08:13:59

I know it’s easier said than done but honestly the likelihood of bowel cancer at your age with those symptoms is very low. Far more likely to be Ibs, or reflux or - slightly more serious but treatable, Crohn’s disease or IBD. Insist your GP runs some proper tests to rule out cancer and tell them you’re anxious about whether you have it and they should be able to reassure you. If your GP won’t do this ask for a second opinion- you’re entitled to do this, everyone is.

Leonella123 Sun 31-May-20 08:45:10

Thank you so much for your reply!! I've seen 2 different doctors about this.. both not worried... but now this new symptom of CONSTANT nausea is just making me feel so worried. I can't understand why you would feel so sick everyday for nothing serious xx

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