Lost hearing - anything I can do?

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vixb1 Sat 30-May-20 07:41:53

I'm fed up! I've been under the weather since lockdown began and I just can't shake it. I had about 8 weeks of a really phlegmy cough that I couldn't get rid of. Then it's turned into a mild cold, I've had that for about 4 weeks now. 3 weeks ago, I lost the hearing in my right ear.

The hearing loss caused me to call the doctor. They gave me some spray but said it was likely a virus and so the spray wouldn't do much. He was right!

It just seems to be an excessive amount of time to have a blocked ear and my left ear isn't great either.

Being a little bit poorly for about 3 months is really getting me down. I've got small kids, I need to be on my game and lost hearing is making me feel really disorientated.

I've bought some zinc to give my immune system a boost, but wondered if anyone had any other thoughts, either on what this might be or how I might be able to shake it off? Thanks!

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OhWhatAPalaver Sat 30-May-20 07:53:04

Did the hearing loss happen suddenly or gradually? It could just be wax build up but in normal circumstances you'd be able to get this checked out and looked at. Sudden hearing loss with no obvious cause normally means the gp will refer to ENT as a precaution. Try using warm olive oil for a week or two weeks to try and soften any wax that is there, if still no improvement then call the Dr back. Out of curiosity, what was the spray you were given?

vixb1 Sat 30-May-20 08:38:06

Hi, thanks for replying! Yes hearing went suddenly, I assumed my cold had gone to my ears and it would clear up in a few days. But no such luck.

Photos of spray attached. I might give up on it and start with olive oil instead as you suggest.

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AntiHop Sat 30-May-20 08:43:04

I had wax build up and was surprised how much it affected my hearing. Sodium bicarbonate drops worked for me.

vixb1 Sat 30-May-20 09:08:08

Ok, thanks. I'll start to treat it as ear wax build up then for a bit and see how I get on. :-)

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OhWhatAPalaver Sat 30-May-20 10:18:49

Not sure why gp would prescribe that for hearing loss? Do you have pain as well? Otomize won't do anything unless you have an ear infection. It's an antibiotic spray and tbh it doesn't work well for me even if I do have an ear infection. I wear hearing aids so unfortunately fairly experienced with the stuff!
But yes, definitely treat for ear wax, it can make you feel really off balance having blocked ears as well. If it doesn't get better definitely call gp back though. Good luck 🙂

vixb1 Sun 31-May-20 20:50:55

Just thought I'd drop by with an update. I ended up going to a private audiologist today. Sadly, it isn't wax, so no quick fix.
Congestion behind both ears. He's told me to drink lots of fluids, chew gum, decongestant spray etc to see if I can clear it. If still bad in a couple of weeks I'll need an ENT referral.
I'm frustrated there is no quick fix (I went expecting them to just remove the wax and off I go!). But at least I know they aren't infected I guess.

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AntiHop Tue 02-Jun-20 14:30:07

I hope it gets better op flowers

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