Possible thyroid problems any experts about?

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LittleCandle Thu 28-May-20 23:14:56

Don't count on the endo being any more knowledgeable, sadly. The ones I have seen were about as useful as a chocolate teapot and not any more informed than the GP.

8misskitty8 Thu 28-May-20 19:50:00

Your T4 is to low.
Low calcium levels can be due to one of your parathyroid glands not working properly.(they are in the same area as your thyroid) Sometimes thyroid problems and calcium issues go hand in hand.
Go back to your gp and ask for a referral to endocrinology. Sadly thyroid and associated issues are one of the areas a lot of gp’s seem to be lacking knowledge in.

Nczzzzzz Thu 28-May-20 18:45:37

I was told

Tsh range 0.35 -5

And on thyroid Uk says 0.5-5

I thought it was low if anything. I have a lot more reading to do though

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LittleCandle Thu 28-May-20 18:36:03

Your TSH is too high - it should be below one, and your T4 is too low. Go to Thyroid UK for more help. You have to be really in the UK now to get help for this, but the people there will help you educate yourself as to what to ask for. You will have to stand up for yourself big time, as the current thinking seems to be that it doesn't matter how you feel as long as you are breathing. Unless, of course, you are a man, and then you get whatever you want.

Nczzzzzz Thu 28-May-20 18:18:22

I have a family history of several relatives having thyroid issues.

I’ve had some symptoms and I’ve asked over the years to be checked which occasionally (twice) will result in a blood test reluctantly being done by gp surgery.

They always tell me it’s “fine” but until today they have refused to tell me the actual results.

Today I was told tsh 1.82 and t4 9.9 which is within range but on low side for both.

I also had blood tests for other reasons which revealed very low calcium levels but this was dismissed as “nothing to worry about” even though I have a calcium rich diet.

2 of those relatives have parathyroid problems which I don’t think any of these tests cover - I have told my gp of the family history but didn’t feel taken seriously.

I want to get to the bottom of this if I can.

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